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All Flesh Must Be Eaten – CC

Posted by paradisio on November 1, 2007

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Well, I’m going alphabetically for the moment; staring with the horror/suvival game ‘All Flesh Must Be Eaten.’ More precisely I’m using the revised edition. The game uses Unisystem (but has D20 conversion rules as well) and is made by Eden Studios.

The game allows you to make 3 ‘levels’ of characters; Norms, Survivors and Inspired. Norms are regular people put in bad circumstances, Survivors are tough and have been fighting for a while, while the Inspired have some special abilities. For the sake of this first go I’m going to make a Norm. I’m not going to select an archetype to start from, so I’m going to be making this character from scratch

The concept I’m going for is simple; She was a cheerleader turned Femme Fatale in the apocalypse, using her wiles to get by.

As a norm I have 14 points for attributes, 5 points for Qualities (and up to 10 points in Drabacks) and 30 points for Skills

I’ll start with attributes, they are simple, at norm levels they just go for 1:1, 2 is the average for most people, so I’ll start with that so that only leaves me 2 spare points, I’ll put both extra points in Dexterity for all her athletic/acrobatic training; mostly out of I don’t see her putting it in anything else.

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 2
Perception: 2
Willpower: 2

There are a few secondary attributes which are calculated based upon the main attributes which turn out to be the following:

Life Points: 26
Endurance Points: 23
Speed: 12
Essence Pool: 14

Next is qualities/drawbacks, these are the general innate things about the character. It’s pretty standard RPG stuff. Drawbacks can basically be spent in anything, for varying costs.

I take attractive Level 3(+3)
Covetous Level 2 (-2)
Emotional Problems: Fear of Rejection (-1)
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Reckless (-2)
and Showoff (-2)

So I have 7 points of drawbacks, I don’t see any other qualities I want and I’m fairly content with my attributes, so I’ll add them to skills.

For Skills 1 is an amateur, 2-3 is general competency, and 4 or 5 is very good, more than that is a true expert.

Acrobatics 5
Beautician 4
Brawling 2
Climbing 2
Dancing (Modern) 3
Dodge 3
Driving (Car) 1
Escapism 2
Hand Weapon (Club/Baton) 3
Guns (Handguns) 1
First Aid 1
Notice 2
Seduction 4
Smooth Talking 3
Swimming 1

And that’s pretty much it, all I have to do is assign a name/age/appearance; I’ll go with Candice/22; she’s a tall brunette in good shape, generally wears revealing clothing to lure other survivors in. She’s quite confident in herself and it shows.


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