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Artesia – CC

Posted by paradisio on November 3, 2007

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Next up is Artesia, a low magic fantasy game by Archaia Studios Press and it uses the Fuzion system. Because I seem to be alternating (lets just do that from now on), I’m making a female character this time. Like a few other games, this game uses a lifepath system, where most of my traits/general background will be rolled randomly (I mean, you don’t get to pick your family, right?)

Anyways, let the rolling commence… I’ll italic random things

Kingdom: Middle, Danian

Now I have my everyman skills, aptly named, these are the skills basically anyone would posess: Awareness, Persuasion, Athletics, Teaching, Local Expert (Dania), Etiquette (Danian), Wardrobe & Style (Danian), Hand-to-Hand, and Evade.

Next I have my cultural everyman skills, the skills common in my culture; they are: Storytelling, Composition, and singing. In addition they have several languages common, but like every culture in the book they speak the Middle Tongue primarily. I can also pick a religious skill, either for the Divine King Cult Lore or Yhera Cult Lore. I’ll go with Yhera, maybe I can become a priestess.

In addition I get one personal skill, a skill which could be a hobby of mine or just a big interest. I probably don’t want to select any of my everyman skills since I have open access already, I’ll just take Musicianship since I’m not real sure about anything else right now.

Birthplace: King’s Hold

Well, that was quite the roll, I was born in a King’s Hold, this’ll help my chances significantly in becoming a higher social class.

Social Level: 11
Father’s Profession: Lord
Mother’s Profession: Lady

Social Level 11 is very nice, and basically means I’m a noble in my society.

Father’s Lineage: Athairi, Common; +1 APP, -1 STR, +1 WIS
Mother’s Lineage: Daradjan, Legendary Hero Line, Cynlas; +1 APP, +1 STR, +1 PER, +1 WILL, +1 REAS, +1 PRE

So I’m basically a descendant of a bandit king and a commoner, odd, but okay. I’m starting to generate some stats at this point as well, the majority of starting stats usually come from important lineages.

Birth Sign: The Ram, Mild; +1 STAM, -1 WILL

Next I have Birth Omen, generally you can roll on 1 of 2 tables; either Heroic or Mundane. I’ll just use mundane this time and I don’t get anything, so I really am mundane.

Family: I have 6 siblings, 2 brothers and 4 sisters. My mother is a skeptic and my father is a compatriot.

Childhood: I’ll Fortune; Disease; -1 STAM

No wonder I got sick with all those kids around!

Here are my stats at this point:
Appearance: 7
Strength: 5
Stamina: 5
Dexterity: 5
Technique: 5
Perception: 6
Willpower: 5
Memory: 5
Imagination: 5
Reason: 6
Presence: 6
Conviction: 5
Courage: 5
Empathy: 5
Wisdom: 6

Next is my previous experience (5 years of it) before the game starts, at this point I’m in the Lady profession (children generally taking their parent’s profession), that sounds a bit boring, but females generally don’t have many class options at high Social Levels (yes, the game discriminates.) For now, I’ll stick with Lady since I don’t want to switch to a lower social level for a more interesting career.

Starting Training Points: 15
Starting Inheritance: 66g
Annual Training Points: 11
Annual Arcana Points: 5
Annual Earnings: 185g

Coming from other fantasy games, 66g doesn’t sound like much, but thats about how much a Social level 1 makes in their entire lifetime. I’ll probably have enough money to the point where I can’t spend it all. I have 15 training points to spend right now, these can be spend on any of the skills currently available (before entering Lady.) The skills I have right now are: Awareness, Persuasion, Athletics, Teaching, Local Expert (Dania), Etiquette (Danian), Wardrobe & Style (Danian), Hand-to-Hand, Evade, Storytelling, Composition, Yheran Cult Lore, Musicianship and singing.

I’ll put 1 put into everything except Hand-to-Hand and teaching, and an additional point in Etiquette and Wardrobe & Style, since I was probably groomed pretty early, giving me the following: Awareness 1, Persuasion 1, Athletics 1, Teaching, Local Expert (Dania) 1, Etiquette (Danian) 2, Wardrobe & Style (Danian) 2, Hand-to-Hand, Evade 1, Storytelling 1, Composition 1, Yheran Cult Lore 1, Musicianship 1 and singing 1.

Anyways the stats for the Lady Profession is as follows:
Arcana Links: Empress, Temperance, Lovers
Trained Skills: Leadership, Intrigue, Seduction, Singing, Dancing, House Keeping, Craftwork/Clothwork, Craftwork/Perfumery, and Housework.

Next is my 5 years of previous experience…

Year 1: Nothing
Year 2: Minor Ill Fortune, Disfigurement; -1 APP
Year 3: Minor Ill Fortune, Family Loss; Gain a Grief 1 Binding (I’ll say it was a sister)
Year 4: Minor Ill Fortune, Crime Victim; I lose all my accumulated wealth up to this point, and gain a Shame 1 Binding
Year 5: Romance, Missing; Gain a Grief 2

Wow, I had a pretty bad stretch their. Even after losing all my money and being disfigured, I find someone who loves me and they disappear.

Anyways, that leaves me with 55 training points, 25 arcana points, and 370g for when the game starts, could have been worse (although it could have been much better.)

I’ll spend the training points first, here is my current skill list after spending: Leadership 2, Intrigue 2, Seduction 3, Dancing 1, House Keeping 3, Craftwork/Clothwork 1, Craftwork/Perfumery 3, Housework 3, Awareness 1, Persuasion 3, Athletics 1, Teaching 1, Local Expert (Dania) 3, Etiquette (Danian) 3, Wardrobe & Style (Danian) 3, Hand-to-Hand 1, Evade 1, Storytelling 1, Composition 1, Yheran Cult Lore 3, Musicianship 1 and singing 1.

I went ahead and put 1 in everything to start off with that I didn’t have already, leaving me with 45 points left. I bump seduction up to 3, leaving me with 40 left. I also bump Yheran Cult Lore, House Keeping, Perfumery, Housework, Wardrobe & Style and Etiquette up to 3, leaving me with 14 points left. I bump Persuasion up to 3 (leaving me with 9 left), leadership to 2 (7 left), Intrigue to 2 (5 left), Local Expert to 2 (3 left), and then Local Expert to 3 (0 left.)

Because I have House Keeping 3, my house earns more money. So my paltry 370g starting money is now 1110g, more than enough to recoup my losses.

Next is Arcana points, this is where the magic of the setting comes in. I can spend my 25 arcana points on the three arcana I have access to (Empress, Temperance and Lovers) to gain skills/characteristics or gifts. I can split up the points between any of the three, but the Empress seems most fitting of the character, so I’ll go with that for my point spending.

I would re-raise my appearance back to 7 from my disfigurement, but that would cost nearly every arcana point.

My gifts I can obtain are Awaken Appetites, Bound Hearts, Brazen Body, Brazen Tongue, Brazen Touch, Charismatic Aura, Charismatic Mask, Honeyed Tongue, Open Heart and Spellbinding Form.

I take Brazen Body 2  (9 points), Charismatic Aura 1 (3 points), Bound Hearts 2 (9 points), Awaken Appetites 1 (2 points) and Honeyed Tongue 1 (2 points.)  So all my 25 arcana points are spent on gifts, I could have spent them on skills, stats or even getting rid of some of those bindings I acquired, but considering my character if fairly focused already, I decided to continue it on the supernatural route.

All I have left is to spend my money, 90% of your starting money is supposed to be in things like property to be realistic.  So I probably own several nice estates.  So I have 111g to start with for personal possessions, which I’ll probably just invest in a simple weapon and some jewelry.  The book really doesn’t contain a huge item list, and in general its not the kind of thing where exactly what you own will be important aside from things like weapons and armor.

That’s it!  Thanks!


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