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Mutants and Masterminds (2nd edition) – CC

Posted by paradisio on November 5, 2007

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Okay, skipping ahead a bit for this one since this is kind of time sensitive for a player in one of my groups. Basically in a game I’m running he wants to make a character and doesn’t have the rules, so he gave me the rundown on the character and I’m going to create it to the best of my ability. Anyways the game is a world-hopping anime game, I know this isn’t exactly the superhero game Mutants and Masterminds was designed for, but ‘meh.’ Anyways, his character is kind of a cross between characters in an anime called Samurai 7, unfortunately I haven’t seen it so I can’t be too creative.

Also, since I do this every post it seems. Mutants and Masterminds is made by Green Ronin, and it obviously a superhero type system. It uses the D20 system, but it doesn’t have classes or anything like that.

Anyways, M&M (as I will call it) uses a point buy with a little bit of a leveling system. The leveling system is more to gauge the party’s power levels so everything isn’t insane; the ‘average’ super being Power level 10. So that’s what I’ll start with, which gives me 150 points to spend on this character.

Name: Shikoku Hitsunge AKA The Jackal
Concept: Cyborg Codeless Samurai/Ex-Merchant
Power Level: 10 with 150 power points (standard)

Those are the first 3 steps (as well as checking with the GM), next we have basic abilities. They follow the standard D20 stats, the only exception being the toughness stat which is for resisting damage (the game doesn’t use HP.) Anyways, first we’ll start with ability scores. They start with 10 for free and cost 1 per point.

Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 16
Cha: 14

Those are the ability scores I extrapolate based on his story and the characters he is based off of. This is not including any power bonuses or anything. Anyways, that leaves me with 120 points remaining.

Next is the combat bonuses, Attack and Defense. I’m going to give 8 to attack, and 7 to defense; this is basically your base attack bonus and base defense bonus. I would raise them to max, but I want to ration for now until I get to powers. Anyways, I have 92 points left.

Next is saving throws, I can raise any except toughness (which must be granted by other things like powers/con/etc):
Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +8
Will: +4

Anyways, being a typical fighter type I gave him less will than everything else. After that I have 72 points remaining. Next is skills, skills cost 1 point for 4 skill points:
Acrobatics +8
Climb +4
Craft (Mechanical) +4
Diplomacy +2
Gather Information +2
Knowledge (Tactics) +4
Notice +8
Profession (Merchant) +4
Ride +4
Sense Motive +2
Stealth +4
Swim +2

After skills I have 58 points remaining. Last thing before powers is feats, feats cost 1:1:
Ambidexterity, Assessment, Attack Focus (Melee) 2, Blind-Fight, Defensive Roll 2, Diehard, Evasion, Instant Up, Improved Initiative Move-By Action, Quick Draw,and Uncanny Dodge (Sight and Sound) 2.

So I have 45 points left for powers, which gives me a good number of them. Basically the character’s main power is he has a mechanical arm that is super strong, can deflect blasts, and has built-in weapons. His other powers are basically standard ninja leap/speed and enhanced awarneness.

Let’s do the hard one first, the arm. The game does have a power called device, but since this mechanical arm is a part of the character, it isn’t appropriate since it can’t be ‘disarmed’ (heh). So instead, I’m going to make an array, an array is basically a set of powers linked together via some method or another, and is cheaper than buying them individually.

Basically for the arm here are the powers I’m thinking of; Blast (built-in cannon and autocannon), Deflect, Super-strength, Strike or Disintegrate (for the laser Katana), and then Protection (for having a metal arm.) Protection is something I’ll leave out of the array, since in general the powers of the array can only be active one at a time.

Protection 3 (would be higher, but considering it only covers one arm, seems appropriate) (3 points)

Since the super-strength is so cheap I’ll make it separate as well

Super-Strength 2; Mech Arm Only (3 points)

Arm Array:
Corrosion 9 (energy katana)
AP: Disintegrate 5 (energy cannon)
AP: Blast 6, Autofire x3, Unreliable (5 uses before have to reload)
AP: Deflect (Energy Blasts) 9; Reflection, Redirection

Other Powers:

Speed 3 (3 points)
Leaping 3 (3 points)
Super-Sense: Danger Sense (1 point)

That’s it! All 150 points are spent, I think it came out pretty good. The only thing I had trouble with is sensing people at range, but given the intended use, I think Danger Sense + Uncanny Dodge simulated it pretty well considering the ability was to protect against being ambushed.

Here’s the character’s information as well if anyone is interested:

Shikoku Hasunge, The Jackal, a famous Boy Samurai who fought in the great war on the winning side, the side of the Merchants, however, he himself lost. It was during this war that he met up with a merchant by the name of Kaneda Jioku, a simple traveling trader who sold weapons and supplies to the lesser side for cheap prices, which ended up angering a very powerful Merchant who made his money off of selling weapons to both sides, but began to lose profit, his customers buying from the trader instead. When the two met, the merchant was being attacked by assassins sent by this vile merchant and the Boy Samurai cut them down in seconds, then vowing to aid the trader on his journey.

From there, they set out, helping each other with their problems and fighting off the assassins who the Merchant sent after them.

Finally, one day when they were due to expect another Assassin, they happened to be on a massive Gunship, trading supplies until suddenly, a Samurai walked onto the deck right when they were there and noticed they were alone with this Samurai and finally that the Samurai was none other than the assassin sent after them.

Shikoku then took up stance and the two clashed, yet Shikoku was not good enough and got pushed out of the way as the Samurai took out his right eye. Shikoku then heard the sharpness of metal and then a groan. As he recovered from the fall, the trader was dead on the ground.

Enraged, Shikoku went at the Samurai once more, each matching the other with move after move until Shikoku’s guard was off and the Samurai pushed him back, causing him to be open and then the Samurai took to the air and with his blade, he cut off Shikoku’s Sword arm, causing him to yell out in pain.

As he fell backwards into the blackness of his mind, he soon found his physical body falling to the ground below, plummeting to the farm ground below and finally as he hit the earth his mind went out and he drifted off to sleep.

After waking, he sat up, looking around to find himself in a mechanic shop and as he looked to his missing arm, he found that he now had a mechanical one in it’s place.

After putting on the clothing he found in the empty shop, he walked out into the city and from that day forth he became a trader. But little did he know that in a few years he would resign from trading and join in the new War, the War to decide the new Emperor that everyone knew was inevitable to come eventually.

It was during this War that he went missing and has been ever since.


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