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Dark Heresy – CC

Posted by paradisio on February 24, 2008

This probably isn’t the next game in the alphabetical order, but I decided to do it anyways since it seems to be the current RPGnet darling, and I’m interested enough to skip it ahead in line; although it may end up being correct order anyways. Dark Heresy is the latest game from the now defunct Black Industries, the makers of the recent Warhammer roleplaying games. Unfortunately, Black Industries dropped the line entirely for some reason (even with phenomenal sales); but fortunately it has been picked up by Fantasy Flight Games (makers of some cool games but not much history in RPGs from my knowledge), so the game still does have a future, although it may be iffy.

The game takes place in the Warhammer 40k Universe (Grim Dark >_>); the characters take the role as inquisitors/acolytes; serving the emperor in a secret war, rooting out corruption, cultists, aliens, and even daemons.

The game for the most part uses the same rules as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, which basically is a fairly simple role under percentile game with jobs/classes/occupations dictating most of your abilities. I like the system to some degree, but I think the setting is the strong point.

Step One is Home World. This is where your character originates from (Feral, Hive, Imperial or Void Born), this might be the most important stuff, since it’ll both determine your characters background and also what occupations he can go into. Like a lot of games, you can either decide or randomly roll, as usual I’ll be a glutton for punishment and randomly roll everything. So I roll a percentile, getting a 71 – Imperial World; the norm.

Each type of Home World gets its own set of traits, for Imperial World I get the following:
Blessed Ignorance, Hagiography, Liturgical Familiarity, and Superior Origins

Blessed Ignorance gives be a -5 penalty on Forbidden Lore Tests
Hagiography gives me Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), and Common Lore (War) as starting/basic skills
Liturgical Familiarity (thats a mouth full) gives me Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic) as basic skills as well
Superior Origins simply gives me +3 Willpower

This probably sounds confusing, but these bonuses will become clear when I get to stats/skills.

Step Two is Generating Characteristics. Simply, these are my base statistics, generating my general attributes like in most games (strength, intelligence, etc…) They are generated by combining a 2D10 roll + a number based off my home world for each stat; here’s what I get from rolling.

Weapon Skill (WS): 22
Ballistic Skill (BS): 27 (rerolled)
Strength (S): 27
Toughness (T): 30
Agility (Ag): 31
Intelligence (Int): 31
Perception (Per): 29
Willpower (WP): 41
Fellowship (Fel): 30

Just to note, I did add the +3 to my Willpower from my Superior Origins. A 26-35 is average, so I’m in the norm for the most part, but my weapon skills are poor. Unfortunately, I only have one stat above average, but such is the life in the 41st millennium. In addition the first number of each characteristic is called the characteristic bonus, these are general numbers I frequently add to other things… It’s sort of hard to explain, but for example my Strength Bonus is 2, so I might add 2 to melee damage. I also get one re-roll, but I must take the reroll, even if it would be worse, I’m not very happy with my Ballistic Skill, so I use my re-roll on it, changing it from it’s original 25 to a whopping 27. I guess It’s better than rolling less though

Step Three is to determine my career path, because I’m from an Imperial World I can feasibly be any of the careers. So I’ll roll again, and I get 32, Assassin. This could really go either way with my attributes, I could probably have used some more weapon skill though.

My starting skills are (added the ones I got from my home world): Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (High Gothic), Awareness, Dodge, Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (War), and Literacy

Next is talents, these are special abilities, weapon training, special training, characteristic increases, etc. In addition I’ll have to decide if I want one or another on some of them (not included).

Starting Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Ambidextrous, Pistol Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Pistol Training (SP)

After that is my Starting Gear, I have several choices, but this is what I end up with: Hunting Rifle with 16 rounds, sword, knife, compact las pistol with 1 charge pack, 3 doses of stimm, charm (corpse hair), black bodyglove (Common Quality Clothing)

The last thing for my career is my starting rank; rank is basically your position on the Assassin career path, in all cases this is the very first step; for me that is Sell-Steel.

Step Three is done, so we’re now at Step Four, spending my starting experience, buying other items, and generating my tertiary characteristics.

First I determine my wounds, which is also done by a roll based off my home world. I get 11, this is the general damage I can take until I start taking some real damage (ie getting my eyes blown out of my head and/or dying.)

Second, is my fate points which represents my special destiny and luck. It helps me escape death, get player fiat, etc. I roll again, and end up with 3 fate points.

Third is my movement, which is just based off my Agility Bonus (the first number of my agility).

Next is my Starting Wealth, I roll on the table and get 143 Throne Gelt (gold pieces basically). Using that money I buy the following gear:
Long Las (I’m not proficient but can gain proficiency soon, it seems to be a much better sniper-type weapon) (100), 2 charge packs for the Long Las (30 total).

That only leaves me with 13 gelt, and unless I’m planning on wearing pig hide, I’m pretty much going to have to go without armor. But the best defense is a good offense as they say. So that’s it for equipment.

Next I get 400 XP to spend off the bat to improve my character and start defining him. Most things cost 100 xp at this point so I can get 4 things. So I get +5 Ballistic Skill, Basic Weapon Training (Las), Heightened Senses (Sight), and Silent Move. This is a combination of characteristic increases, talents and a new skill.

With that I’m basically done aside from background, but it can all be random too, so let’s see what I get!
41 Years Old
Tan Skin
Dyed Hair
Grey Eyes
Pierced Ears
Birth Planet: Feudal World
Imperial Divination: “Truth is Subjective” Intelligence +3, starts with 3 corruption points
Name: Callidon

After that is just background/personality type stuff, and after that you’re ready to play!


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