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Cthulhutech – CC

Posted by paradisio on February 26, 2008

Well, I realize now I did in fact go out of order after writing out the list. I’m still trying to come up with an idea for BESM; so I thought for today I would skip ahead (again) and do Cthulhutech. Cthulhutech is a first edition book, printed by Mongoose Publishing. It basically takes the traditional Cthulhu mythos and puts it into the near future; from my experience it isn’t quite is grim and it seems humanity actually has some chance. The game makes the mythos much more obvious, as mankind now wages a war (an obvious, non-secret type) against the beings from Pluto, the Migou. In addition it has an anime type feel to it, as it contains mecha (giant robots). The game is very flexible though, which is what I like; you could run a game where the PCs are footsoldiers, or one where the PCs have joined a secret occult society and have gained great power, or one where the PCs fight in giant mechs; those are just a couple of the things you could do, you could even just run a standard call of cthulhu type game set in the future using the rules. All in all, I like the setting and the system, and its one of the few RPG books I just couldn’t put down. It really brings a lot of new stuff to the table for Cthulhu themed games while keeping the classic elements.

Now, this is a stand alone book, it is NOT an expansion to BRP’s Call of Cthulhu; and the character creation system is completely different, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be doing this character yet.

For this character, I will be making a Tager. I’ve already made several mech-pilots, so want to try out something different. Tager’s work for the Eldritch Society, and basically have undergone a ritual to bond themselves with an extra-dimensional creature; and when they need to they can basically become this horrific creature. There are several creatures to choose from (more will be added later); each fitting a different type of archetype. Theoretically I could do a Tager pilot, but the setting really advises against having cross-allegiance games.

So that covers the basic concept:

Allegiance – The Eldritch Society
Profession – Tager

Now, I have to select race. You’re probably asking yourself ‘what?’ if you are familiar with the traditional cthulhu mythos. Basically you can either be Human or Nazzadi. The Nazzadi are basically genetically modified humans made by the Migou to fight humanity, but the Nazzadi ended up rebelling against their masters and joining humanity; then the Migou decided to do things personally. The Nazzadi are a dark skinned race with nightvision and fangs; many people equate them to drow, but I really think they have nothing in common except skin color, for the most part I would consider them complete opposites. For this character I decide to be a female Nazzadi named Lormy.

Race – Nazzadi (+1 Agility, Nightvision)
Name – Lormy

Next is attributes, I have 35 points to spent, the scale ranged from 1 to 10, and they are bought at a 1:1 average; a 5 being a normal stat.
Agility 8 (7 + racial bonus)
Intellect 5
Perception 5
Presence 5
Strength 6
Tenacity 7

I decide that this character is going to specialize in agility and ranged weapons. Since I’m going to be a Tager, I also have to have a Tenacity of at least 7, so most of my points go into those two. Tenacity is probably the only unfamiliar stat, it represents both mental and physical endurance (like a combination of willpower and constitution from most games).

Next is skills, I decide to be a younger Nazzadi, so I get both the English and Nazzadi languages at Novice level for free, along with literacy and Regional knowledge at Novice as well. I have 20 points for skills, which are bought at a 1 points for 1 dice rating in the skill. But I also spend/gain skill points for drawbacks and assets, so let’s do those first.

For Assets I take Tager as my main one (4 points) of course, I really don’t see any others as fitting the character except one, speed (2 points); so I’m happy with those two.

For Drawbacks I take Duty at its highest rank 3, since almost all my time is dedicated to the Eldritch Society (+3 points) and then I take skinny (+2 points). I don’t really want her to be crazy or anything, so I’m fairly happy with those two.

So to sum it up I have 19 skill points remaining.  So I take the following skills (student – 1, Novice – 2, Adept – 3). With some exception, I’m limited to those 3 levels at the moment:
Athletics (Adept)
Dodge (Adept)
Fighting (Novice)
Marksman (Adept)
Occult (Novice)
Education (Student)
Medicine (Student)
Hobby (Student)
Intimidate (Student)
Boost my 2 starting languages to Adept

I don’t imagine her being the social type…

After that I determine my secondary characteristics; like the number of actions, magical aptitude, health, etc… I won’t post the formula here, but it’s very straightforward.

Actions: 1
Movement: 8 (7 + fast bonus) (15 mph maximum speed)
Orgone: 11 (half of it eatenby the tager symbiont though)
Reflex: 7 (6 + fast bonus)
Vitality: 11
Drama Points: 10

After that is equipment, which pretty much determined by your profession or the GM when the game starts. For a Tager I get a sidearm and my symbiont basically (which I really won’t go into here, but it basically augments my stats and gives me special attacks when I transform).

After that I get ‘cheats’ which basically give me a few extra points to buy more stuff, including spells, giving me more magic (orgone), increase health, etc. It’s pretty simple and allows further customization of the character, I just went ahead and Boosted my agility and perception by one each. This recalculates a good portion of my secondary attributes, but I won’t bore you with the minor changes, you should have the idea.

After that It’s just background and time to play!


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