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Warhammer/Warhammer 40k Beginnings

Posted by paradisio on March 5, 2008

For much of my youth I was always interested in the games-workshop miniatures games. It started when I was in my early teens living in a small town in California, there was an awesome shop that sold Games, Miniatures, and so on. I had originally frequented it for their Dungeons & Dragons stuff, which I got pulled into at a young age. But one thing led to another and I ended up picking up some cool miniatures from them. At the time Games-Workshop had about one store in America, but through various stores I managed to collect several boxes. I never did play the game though, I just enjoyed collecting and assembling the figures; my painting skills left something to be desired.

This cycle went on for… I don’t know, 10 years, I picked up figures now and then or their side games (like Mordeheim), but because I was always moving, I never really had many friends to play with, and if a store was close enough for me to frequent to play I always ended up finding it shortly before moving again. I kept most of my collection, and a few months ago, I pretty much figured I was never going to play and dumped the figures.

But I finally found that there was actually several stores in the city I lived in dedicated to the game, so I resolved that I would actually play the game this time. And as it turns out, I was probably right to throw all that old crud away, most of them were unusable with the way I had built them.

So I picked up the Warhammer Rulebook a couple of months ago, Vampire Counts army book and some basic troops (skeletons). I kinda got busy though and never ended up really getting into it again, I was very iffy If I should go with 40k or Fantasy, so that probably didn’t help. And now Vampire Counts are going to have a new army book, so I’m really waiting on that.

So now I picked up the 40k Starter Set: Battle for Macragge. I really should have picked up the starter set for Fantasy (which I still may do), as this thing is only $10 more than the rulebook, and contains the rules, dice, templates, terrain, and figures. I’ve already assembled them, and I have been working on reading various sites to learn about the armies and painting techniques. I’m still learning though; and I have resolved to paint the whole box set by the end of the month (as part of the rpgnet monthly painting challenge). I’ll have more updates to come as I learn to play, improve, and learn cool techniques. Here are some photos of my current figures, I know they suck, but I’m working on it. Unfortunately, my camera has hard times taking pictures of such tiny things.

First Ultramarine:

I think he looks decent, I still need to work on the highlights and patch up some little problem areas. But for my first figure I think it looks pretty good. I still need to base all my figures as well.

Here is the terrain I’ve completed so far:

I should have the rest of the terrain done soon, I need to pick up some larger brushes though, as painting them takes forever with the tiny brushes I have. I’m pretty pleased with both though, the dirt needs some more coats though.

First Decent Looking Genestealer:

I’ve had a lot of trouble with the genestealers, I don’t know if it was the base paint scheme I was instructed to use, but I had a ton of problems making it look decent. I finally got someone to post a nicer color scheme, and it worked much better for me. I think the problem was that the red takes several coats and I was avoiding the tiny details a little too much. Here is the previous version which I spent about 8x as much time on and only half completed:


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