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Looking Back at Age of Worms

Posted by paradisio on March 8, 2008

Well, tonight the Age of Worms came to an abrupt and unexpected end as an elder ooze consumed the party. The noble group had taken the game all from level 1 to level 11 before this unfortunate incident had occurred. The dungeon started fairly well, the party deftly avoided trap after trap; but suddenly things went awry as the rogue was kidnapped by an evil creature who teleported him to the plane of shadow and left him there. The party, desperate to find the creature, continued on forward. One thing led to another, the group ended up face to face with a huge fire elemental and a noble salamander lord. While the group managed to seal the creatures off, it would only be a temporary, and in a valiant attempt they charged forward to another unexplored area, hoping to find their beleagued companion or some way to get to him. As the stepped into the center of a room, the floor turned out to be a giant ooze; the fighter attacked, only to find the creature now doubled and his mighty magical weapon destroyed by one poor reflex save. The group fought their heart out, the fragile wizard getting hit first and going down, followed by the cleric of Pelor; and the fighter in one last desperate attempt to save his party members tried to save the Cleric, but the ooze cared not about Valor as it ran him down as well.

They will truly be missed, and another game of Dungeons and Dragons comes to an end, it almost seems appropriate with the passing of Gary Gygax.

Regardless, new adventures await, hopefully I’ll have some new entries about the planning for my upcoming campaign.

P.S.: I must admit, Dungeon Magazines writer’s are just plain evil. Even with me removing the oozes improved grab, the party stood no chance unless they had fully prepared for the encounter. Even so, the situation still being the same, the party would have likely fallen at full strength from the combined force of the ooze(s) and fire creatures if they had indeed pursued the party. I must complement them on their high quality adventure paths, even if they are so bloody difficult at times.


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