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Games Workshop Isn’t So Bad

Posted by paradisio on March 11, 2008

Well, I notice Games Workshop catches a lot of flak online, I won’t go into the reasons, but I thought I would share a small story about this past Saturday:

I went into my local GW store (well one of five) to pick up a few paints for painting up the starter set in my own fashion and maybe waste some time watching games/learning the armies/loitering/etc. So I walk in the door and the game hands me a raffle ticket, apparently their going to have a drawing in something like one and a half hours; I have terrible luck and didn’t expect to be there but took it anyways. So I pick up the paints and watch a turn of a High Elf vs Lizardman battle, and one of the GW pulls me aside and puts me in front of pile of bitz, apparently I was in a conversion contest… no entry fee or anything. I joined about 10 minutes late, but said ‘what the heck’ and did anyways. I didn’t win, but I had fun and met a few other players anyways, and I got to keep my funky model and didn’t pay a dime. And just for participating I got a second raffle ticket… and then I won the raffle twice! They gave away like 20ish prizes, including a chaos battalion box which was taken first; I ended up getting 2 codices since I won both fairly late, but they were both for armies I was interested in.  Point being, I bought something like $15 dollars and got about three times that in free stuff. I realize some people aren’t happy with their general policies, but I think the personal and friendly staff more than make up for it.

Also, relatively unrelated, I was interested how valuable the battalion boxes for Warhammer Fantasy were compared to buying the components seperately, so I calculated them and here they are. They may be a dollar off since I did this when I was very tired and may have rounded down instead of up, I also had to calculate some of them based on per model instead of per box since some of the battalion boxes come with more figures than would be in a box of those figures.

Ogre Kingdoms = $150
Skaven = $145
Tomb Kings = $140
Bretonnia = $128
Orc and Goblin = $127
Empire = $126
Vampire Counts = $126
High Elves = $125
Wood Elves = $122
Lizardmen = $122
Dwarfs = $107

I would of course make sure you are going to use the majority of the contents, otherwise it probably isn’t worth it.


One Response to “Games Workshop Isn’t So Bad”

  1. hippiefreak12 said

    games workshop owns!! i love warhammmer!

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