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Star Wars Saga Edition – CC

Posted by paradisio on June 30, 2008

I’m still working up some upcoming features, but I’m starting a Star Wars game soon, using the new(ish) Saga Edition. So I thought I would take a tour of character creation. I was a big fan of the last D20 version of Star Wars, and hope this one makes improvements upon the last, it seems to be sort of a combination of 3.5 and 4e D&D, with some features of both.

Ability Scores

The ability scores are the standard D20 scores: Str(ength), Dex(terity), Con(stitution), Int(elligence), Wis(dom), Cha(risma). It gives two methods for stat generation, a rather modest point buy and a 4d6 (drop lowest) system. I’m feeling lucky so I go with the rolling. I end up with 17, 14, 13, 11, 11, 10. Not too bad, but not stunningly good either.


The majority of important races are in the core book, including the races of all main characters (and then some). Inspired by one of my players, I decide to make a female Ewok named Teeba. Ewoks are primitive, small, and relatively weak.


Like most D20 games, it follows a level and class progression. The classes aren’t large in number, simply Jedi, Noble, Scoundrel, Scout and Soldier. But each class has several options on abilities you can choose; coupled with feats and race, each character can be unique and still share a common class. For a class I pick Jedi (Yes, Ewok Jedi, go ahead…). I go ahead and distribute my stats as follow (modifier by my racial traits);

Str- 11
Dex- 13
Con- 11
Int- 10
Wis- 17
Cha- 14

I don’t particularly imagine him as a lightsabre wielding combat jedi with his stat distribution like that. With only two good stats the character was either going to be good at fighting or using skills (force powers), so I chose the later. I felt like I was ripping off Yoda too much with the former.

Next I choose my jedi skills; skills work a bit like 4th edition, where you no longer have skill ‘ranks’ but just skills you have trained. Unfortunately, due to my characters fairly low intelligence, I only get two skills. Unless I want to be totally gimped, I have to take ‘Use the Force’, so I take that along with Knowledge (Galactic Lore).

My Hit Points are 30, not terrible, at least I don’t have a negative consitution modifier.

Next I determine defenses; unlike every other version of the D20 system I have seen, this one doesn’t actually have an AC (Armor Class) defense. Instead it has D&D4.0 like defenses (except AC): Reflex, Fortitude and Will. My defenses turn out as follows with modifiers based on ability scores and class:

Reflex Defense: 14
Fortitude Defense: 12
Will Defense: 15

Next I record my damage threshold, which is simply a measurement of how much damage I take before a penalty, or in some cases, a measure if an attack will kill me. This number is simply equal to my fortitude defense (12).

Next I record my attack bonuses:
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Melee Attack Bonus: +1
Ranged Attack Bonus: +2

Then some other statistics:
Speed: 4
Force Points: 5
Destiny Point: 1

Then my skill checks for my trained skills (I could do it for all skills, but no real point for most of them):
Use Force +7
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +5


Like most d20 systems, this game uses feats, typically pretty passive bonuses or things that enhance thigns you can regularly do. I only get one feat of my choosing, but I get three free feats from the Jedi class: Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabres), and Weapon Proficiency (Simple). These work well with Ewok, because of Ewok’s primitive nature, I don’t get weapon proficiencies from most classes aside from Simple Weapons. There are a few good powers for a Force User, but if I actually want to have a force power to start off with I have to choose ‘Force Training’. Because of my high wisdom modifier (+3), I get a whopping 4 force powers. I take Farseeing, Move Object, Force Disarm, and Surge.


Talents are basically class abilities of your choosing, split up into multiple trees/lists based on theme. Because I am Force Sensitive I not only have access to the class trees for Jedi, I also have access to special Force Talent trees. I decide to go with the Talent ‘Force Focus’, which lets me regain a force power once per encounter by making a Use Force check.


Last is my equipment, I roll for my money and come up with a rather meager 400 credits. Fortunately, my starting lightsabre is free of charge. I spent 300 credits on a bow, since I may need a backup weapon, and I’m a better shot than I am a slice. With my meager 100 credits left I can’t afford much that will be of much use to me, so hopefully I’ll find a good, cheap transport willing to take me out of here…


One Response to “Star Wars Saga Edition – CC”

  1. Anthony said

    hmmm sounds interesting i may have to get into this.

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