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Artificier NPC Template

Posted by paradisio on October 7, 2008

I’m sure someone else has put one of these together by now, but I decided to do one anyways as a followup to the barbarian NPC template I posted earlier.

Artificier NPC
Power Source: Arcane
Role: Controller (Leader)
Defenses: +1 Fort, +1 Will
Hit Points: 8 per level + Constitution score
Weapon Proficiency: Simple melee, simple ranged
Armor Proficiency: Cloth, leather
Trained Skills: Arcana plus one other skill from the artificer class list
Class Features: Healing Infusion (one power), Repair Object, Ritual Caster
Implements: Orbs, rods, staffs, wands

Selecting the role was the most difficult part for me, I decided to go with Controller because of the emphasis on battlefield control options the Artificer possesses, it just seemed like the most reasonable option for me.

Other than that, pretty straight forward, I used the cleric NPC as a precedent for the class features the Artificer gets. Repair Object will unfortunately be pretty lackluster for a combatant NPC, but I think this character will probably be fairly useful outside of combat, especially with the help of ritual caster. May make for a friendly character or someone who leads or supports more formidable combatants.


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