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Barbarian NPC Template

Posted by paradisio on October 7, 2008

The barbarian playtest article is up on wizards. May want to get it soon since the D&D insider stuff is going to be going pay this month. You should also download the back issues as well if you are interested in them and aren’t going to subscribe. My two cents, just going from the dragon magazine content, is that the subscription will be worth it. I’ve been a bit dissapointed, like many, with the new dungeon magazine; but between the tools and Dragon, I think it makes up for it.

Anyways, the playtest article didn’t have an NPC template with it (neither did the Artificier, maybe I’ll make one for it as well), so here is one for your enjoyment.

Barbarian NPC
Power Source: Primal
Role: Skirmisher
Defenses: +2 Fort
Hit Points: 8 per level + Constitution score
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Melee, military melee
Armor Proficiency: Cloth, leather, hide
Trained Skills: Two skills from the Barbarian class list
Class Features: Feral Might, Rage, Rampage

Pretty simple, but my first try at something like this. The only feature this template leaves out is Rage Strike. If you follow the NPC rules, this ability is useless for the NPC anyway, since you wouldn’t be able to activate it until 21st level (when you have two dailies). I doubt you would want to burn your other daily anyways. The other class features seem to have equivalents in the other templates and seem NPC appropriate and key to the barbarian.

Please give me any feedback. I’m thinking about making more templates; I really like them in this edition, and am a tad dissapointed I don’t see more of them. If anyone has any requests or anything, I’ll see if I can make something.


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