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4e – Minion Creation Rules

Posted by paradisio on October 9, 2008

I’ve been looking around a bit and trying to come up with a good standard on how to create minions. I personally enjoy the buggers, even though a lot of people don’t like it because real people have more than one hit point or something (IE I’m not a simulationist and I don’t think the game is bit on it either). Regardless of my feelings, I know not everyone wants to ban them, so I thought I would set out some guidelines that seem to work for me on creating minions. Feel free to give me your input or corrections.

First of all, I should state, that these are guidelines that I have derived from the book. Do not take them as fact or anything, common sense shall prevail.

There are two ways to make a minion (well, more like three), you can create a monster from scratch (or NPC) or adapt an existing monster. Regardless of which, the process is basically the same, just with more of less work. For the purpose of these guidelines, you are modifying an existing monster.

1. Name. Er, give it something wimpy sounding compared to the equivalent.

2. Role. Change to Minion

3. Exp. Give 1/4th the normal amount.

4. HP. The biggest one, just drop it’s HP to one. Also can add in a bit about how missed attacks do no damage if you forget.

5. Powers. Basically cut out everything except the creatures basic attacks, racial non-direct attack abilities and anything that wouldn’t make terrible sense to lose. So if a creature could teleport as a racial ability, it should keep that.

6. Damage. This is probably the most hinky part. There are three ways you could do this, I recommend the first for ease.
-Look up a minion of the same level from the MM and just give it that amount of damage
-Give the creature its weapons average damage
-Give the creature minimum weapon damage + modifier from a relevant stat.

7. Skills. You can either leave as is or chop off the trained skills, whatever makes the most sense/ease. If you expect the creature to only be a combat menace, keeping trained skills is probably just a waste of ink/pencil.

8. Ability Scores. Either leave as is or chop off a few points as you see fit (5 or so max).

9. Should have average equipment for the level or a bit below, but nothing special.

Otherwise, the creature should be equal to an equivalent level monster. Please get back to me with any problems/corrections.


6 Responses to “4e – Minion Creation Rules”

  1. Wyatt said

    Looks about right! Except in the Adventurer’s Vault there’s this bit about Legion Devils having ubar legion armor!!1111 that is super amazing and stuff. So I don’t know about average equipment.

  2. paradisio said

    It can say that all night long, doesn’t mean it has any mechanical difference on their stats. All legion devils obviously aren’t wearing armor that gives them a +12 to AC. It’s just fluff; and regardless, the armor your talking about was modeled after the legion devil armor, that doesn’t mean it’s exactly the same, I mean, the tarrasque isn’t wearing terrasque plate armor, right? I hope not.

    Like a lot of things in 4e, it’s gamism where the NPCs mechanically operate on a different level, which I like.

  3. Wyatt said

    I was doing that as a joke for the most part. I find the idea that any piece of anything worn by a minion would have value and power pretty stupid, personally.

  4. paradisio said

    Well, we are in agreeance then :p

  5. Oslanod said

    So if I gave my tarrasque, tarrasque plate I should probably remove it to lower its AC?!

    😦 its a sad sad day


  6. paradisio said

    I really hope your players force you to tell them who was dumb enough to craft and equip that armor on him in the first place.

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