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Reign – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 15, 2008

Well, obviously, I’m not really sticking to the alphabetical order anymore. I’m just skipping to whatever game tickles my fancy at the moment. So today’s character creation challenge walkthrough post…. thing is for Reign. Reign is an indie RPG by one of my favorite authors, Greg Stolze. His main other work I enjoyed was Unknown Armies, and he has worked on several other games I enjoy and a few more that I would like to try, but have yet to get a chance to.

One of my favorite parts of Reign is how it is continually supported is ransom.  Greg writes a supplement and then ransoms it to the public; once he gets the ransom amount he gives the supplement away on his website (for free). At the time of this post, 10 small supplements have been released and the first ‘real’ supplement is also available to download (for free), which is a codification of these smaller ones. So if you enjoy the game, be sure to support it if you want more content from Greg.

Otherwise, the game is a low fantasy medieval type game which uses the ORE system. ORE stands for One Roll Engine, in which all actions are done in… well, one roll. Basically you throw some D10s and look for matches, high numbers and more matches being better. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is surprisingly flexible and makes things a snap. The game has a nice, fleshed out setting as well and can be focused on groups, organizations or individuals.

To demonstrate the ORE system and Reign, I’m going to be using the random character generation method (as I usually do if available) which will be resolved with just one roll.

To start, I automatically have 2 points in each stat: Body, Coordination, Sense, Knowledge, Command, and Charm. In addition you have a master dice in your characters language. A master dice is basically a sure-fire way to get a match (which is a measure of success in the system), but you only get them if you’re very skilled at the skill obviously.

That’s the basic setup, now I roll 11d10. The dice come up: 1, 1, 3, 4, 4, 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 10. In the game formatting you start with the number of matching dice (called the width) and then the number that is matching (the height). So, I reformat the results as follows: 2×1, 3, 2×4, 3×6, 7, 9, 10. So I have three sets of matching dice and a few dice left over, appropriately called ‘waste die.’ Sometimes these are just ignored, other times not; in this case, the waste dice are used to determined life events, but lets focus on the matches first.

Each match at character creation correlates to a profession; the height determines the profession and the width determines how far your character is/was in the profession. 2×1 means Lowly Beggar, 2×4 means Miserly Merchant, and 3×6 means Veteran Warrior. I apparently am not very well off. Regardless, each profession and how far the character got in said profession give the character new stuff. Added all together, I gain the following: +1 SENSE, +1 CHARM, +1 BODY, +2 Plead, +1 Run, +1 Sight, +3 Dodge, +2 Haggle, +2 Possession (a form of transport), +1 Wealth, +2 Fight, +3 Parry, +2 Weapon (choice). The character looks quick on his feet and actually seems pretty well rounded and roguish.

Now I look at my waste dice: 3, 7, 9 and 10. Basically for this I consult one of three charts for each number, each with a different theme. I picked the following events in order: Someone Got Spurned, Unlikely Education, Gnostic/Mystic/Religious Experience, Served the Decadent Rich. I basically picked these all for even more variety in this characters eclectic life. Added up, these benefits provide: +1 CHARM, +5 in a student skill, +2 Eerie, +2 Lore, +1 Sorcery, +1 Fascinate, +2 Graces, +1 Plead, +1 Lie.

After that, you simply add up all your skills and stat points and you’re mostly done. Equipment is done in a more abstract method, based on your training with skills and any advantages that might grant you some starting cash. Use the events in your characters life to come up with a good back story and you should be ready to go. Quick and easy, just like ORE.


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