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Paranoia – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 20, 2008

First, let me welcome any new readers from the RPG Bloggers Network; this is the first post to likely be on the site. Thanks for letting me join! Second, apologies for the lack of activity over the weekend, got a bit tide up with personal stuff and didn’t have a computer for most of my little free time.

Paranoia Cover
Anyways, today’s (well, maybe 1 of 2 or 3) character creation challenge is Paranoia. Paranoia is a pretty popular game that has been around a while. In Paranoia you are a troubleshooter who works for friend computer, the leader of Alpha Complex. As a troubleshooter, you shoot trouble, mostly communists, members of secret societies, traitors, and mutants. Also, you are a secret society member, and a mutant, and a traitor, and possibly a commie. It would be bad if either your fellow troubleshooters of friend computer found out. Really, that’s most of the game; the game can be serious and grim to outrageous where you die every 5 minutes (which is fine, because you come in clone 6-packs). The game doesn’t take itself very seriously, and you probably shouldn’t take it very seriously. It’s also probably the funniest roleplaying book I’ve read.

Anyways, down to character creation. The game can be played in one of three ways: Straight, Classic or Zap. Straight is more serious and realistic, Classic is the traditional method of playng the game, and Zap is well… a game just meant to be funny and not serious at all.

Step 1. Name/Gender

Simple, I’ll be a male named Harry. Your name is more complex though, you have your name, your clearance, home sector and which clone you are on. So my full name is: Harry-R-LZY-1.

Step 2. Skills/Specialties

There are three action skills (Management, Stealth, and Violence) and three Knowledge skills (Hardware, Software, and Wetware). They are determined by a random d20 die roll that is cut in half. My results are as follows:

Management 10
Stealth 4
Violence 6

Hardware 4
Software 10
Wetware 5

Apparently, I’d be a good software engineer manager. I doubt I’ll get anything close that utilizes those.

Next I add specialities; I get Energy Weapons for free, and I have six other specialties to place how I want. Each just adds a flat +4 bonus to a related task. Of course, I also have to pick a weakness for each speciality (aside from the free one), and I’ll just be terrible at that. My skills with specialties come out to the following

Management 10
-Bootlicking 14
-Chutzpah 14
-Con Games 1
-Moxie 1
Stealth 4
-Surveillance 8
-Disguise 1
Violence 6
-Energy Weapons 10

Hardware 4
Software 10
-Bot Programming 14
-Electronic Engineering 14
-Mechanical Engineering 14
-Nuclear Engineering 1
-Weapon and Armor Maintenance 1
-Chemical Engineering 1
Wetware 5

Step 3. Service Firm

Next is my service firm, who are the people I normally work for when I’m not troubleshooting. It’s determined randomly as well.

My character works for the Central Processing Unit in the 116 Emergency Systems branch. Actually, this one might make some sense for the characters; usually when rolling up a branch I would get something like Bedding Inspectors or Odor Fresheners.

Step 4. Mutant Power

Once again, a random roll… and my mutants power is… Polymorphism. Apparently I’m a shapeshifter, may come in handy for mimicking my fellow troubleshooters and leave them holding the bag.

Step 5. Secret Society

Another random roll and my secret society is Computer Phreaks… so I’m a hacker who likes screwing with the computer… Man, this must be the first random character I’ve made in this game who has made a lick of sense.

My secret society degree is 2, which is a measure of how far in the organization I am.

Next I have my secret society skills, I pick the Computer Phreaks skills since they all work for my character: Cash Hacking, Jargon and Hacking.

6. Perversity/Tics

I get 25 perversity points to start off with, which I can use to mess with rolls in the game. I can get up to 10 more by selecting two ticks.

7/8/9. Security Clearance/Attributes/Equipment

All troubleshooters start at red, above the ignorant masses of the infrared security clearance and below anyone of any importance

After that I roll up a couple of other minor attributes and list my starting equipment, which includes things like a laser pistol without a barrel and overalls that really don’t fit right.

And that’s it, simple, eh? It’s a pretty easy game to play and run. It’s one of my top choices if I need to run a game off the cuff without any preparation.


2 Responses to “Paranoia – CC”

  1. Wyatt said

    Congrats on being accepted!

  2. Ravyn said

    Second the congrats, and welcome to the network!

    And nice post.

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