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Anima – Beyond Fantasy – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 22, 2008

Today’s game is a recent release in the English language, Anima – Beyond Fantasy. It’s a (beyond) fantasy game, with an anime-ish feel.  It would probably be a good game if you wanted to run a game in the vein of Final Fantasy. The system is kind of hard to get your head around at first, but it has some really cool stuff in it; especially in some of the martial arts systems. The game is being published by Fantasy Flight Games. Anyways, I’m going to give the character creation system a test by making a wizard.

Step 1. Generate and Calculate Characteristics

Well first, I generate my stats. There are several options at the GM’s choice on how stats can be distributed, all involve a degree of rolling. There isn’t a standard point buy, but it would be easy enough for the GM to make up a number.

I use method one of rolling stats, which is a simple D10 roll, 8 times, re-rolling low stuff.

My primary statistics come out to: 6 6 7 7 8 9 10 10. And my secondary stat of appearance is 8.

All in all, very good rolls. A 5 is average, and 10 is the normal maximum human ability.

The primary statistics are Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence, Power, Willpower, and Perception. Intelligence is the main stat for magic users, as per the norm. Power is useful for channeling magic, Dexterity for ‘aiming’ spells’, and Willpower will be of help if I do some summoning. So my stat distribution comes out to the following. After each stat I have the modifier, which will add to relevant skills.

STR – 6 (+5)
DEX – 8 (+10)
AGI – 7 (+5)
CON – 6 (+5)
INT – 10 (+15)
POW – 10 (+15)
WP – 9 (+10)
PER – 7 (+5)

Then I determine my movement value and fatigue, which are based on those stats.

Movement Value – 7
Fatigue – 6

After that is my secondary characteristics of Appearance and Size. Appearance I rolled for earlier, and size is based on my STR and CON.

Appearance – 8
Size – 12

Size just tells me what general range of height and weight I should be in.

Step 2. Choose Race

There are two main races, Humans and Nephelim. None of the Nephilim really strike me as right for the wizard I’m shooting for, so I’m going to stay a normal human.

Step 3. Choose Class

I’ve already decided what class I want to be, a Wizard, the primary non-hybrid mystic magic using class.

Step 4. Use Creation points to acquire Advantages and Disadvantages

I start with three points I can spend on advantages and I can acquire up to three more by acquiring disadvantages.

First of all, if I even want to use magic, I have to acquire The Gift advantage, which takes up two of my three points off the bat.

For disadvantages I pick Vulnerable to Cold, Susceptible to Poison, and Unfortunate. I really hope no one randomly poisons a cold beverage.

After that, my advantages are: The Gift (2), Aptitude for Magic Development (1), Superior Magic Recovery (1), Natural Knowledge of a Path (Fire, Darkness)

Step 5. Spend DP on Primary Abilities

I have 600 Development Points to spend on my Primary and Secondary characteristics. Primary is split between Combat, Supernatural and Psychic. My primary focus will be Supernatural, and I don’t imagine myself spending any in Psychic or much in Combat. While I could reasonably dump all 600 points in Supernatural, there is a hard limit to how many I can spend in each primary category, in this case 60% (or 360 points).

Supernatural: First I spend 100 points on MA Multiple. This triples the amount of magic I can accumulate each round. I then spend 6 points on improving Zeon, which are the points I spent to cast spells, this gives me 30 more Zeon. Next I buy +90 Magic Projection for 180 points, the maximum I can spend on it. I will probably be safe with that amount for a few levels. I then buy +10 Summon, +10 Control, +10 Bind, and +7 Banish for 74 points total. I have spent 360 points in Supernatural, that’s all I can buy for the time being.

I have 240 points left, I spend 20 on Life Point Multiple, which will give me more health. I then buy +30 Dodge for 60 points, giving me 160 left for secondary attributes.

Step 6. Spend DP on Secondary Abilities

I have 160 points left to spend on my secondary abilities. I buy the following:
Social: Leadership 10, Persuasion 5, Style 20
Perception: Notice 10
Intellectual: History 5, Magic Appraisal 15, Occult 15
Vigor: Withstand Pain 5

Step 7. Add innate class bonuses.

For each level as a wizard I gain +100 Zeon, +10 Magic Appraisal and +5 Occult. These aren’t factored above.

Step 8. Add the natural bonus to a Secondary Ability

Basically I can select a skill and I can add the relevant characteristic bonus a second time. I pick Occult. My skill with occult is now: 15 (skill) + 5 (innate) +15 (int) + 15 (natural) = 50.

Step 9. Calculate Life Points and your Initiative

I calculate my life points based on adding a few things together and consulting a chart and come out to 85 (base) + 5 (class) + 6 (from multiple) = 96 life points.

Next, I determined initiative similarly and get a total of :
20 (base) + 10 (dex) + 5 (agility) + 5 (class) = 40 initiative.

Step 10. Calculate Resistances

My presence is automatically level 30, my resistance are based on various stats and come out to the following after modifiers from various things like disadvantages.

Disease Resistance 35
Magic Resistance 55
Physical Resistance 35
Venom resistance 17
Psychic Resistance 40

Step 11. Other Stuff

Well, I have to buy equipment. I roll for my Start-Up Money and get a 7 which gets me 20 GC. I buy the following:
Leather Coat (1 GC), Dagger (50 SC), Staff (40 SC), Coat (5 SC), Man’s Formal Outfit (2 GC), Field rations (decent) (5 CC). That gives me 16 GC, 4 SC, 5 CC left.

Next I’ll determine my Zeon points, which as I said before, are the points I use to cast magic. I have:
100 (class bonus) + 30 (bought) + 135 (base) = 265 zeon.

Next I determine my MA, or magic accumulation. This is how quickly that I can, well, accumulate magic, the result is 30.

Last, but not least, is the actual spells. Having a 10 intelligence, that awards me with 50 magic levels to spend. But it is advised a starting mystic only has half that amount, so I have 25 levels to spend. Honestly, not a whole lot, considering there are 11 paths that go up to 100. Fortunately, my two advantages I took way back when happen now, giving me 40 levels each in the fire and darkness paths.

You can do one of two things with magic levels, you can buy individual spells or learn the entire path, its really versatility over having exactly what you want. I like being versatile though, so I keep my 40 levels each in fire and darkness and spend my 25 levels in Creation. I would like to pick up Destruction as well at some point, but because I have chosen Creation first, if I were to buy Destruction spells in the future they would cost double because they are opposed paths.

Next I get to choose some other spells called Free Access spells. From the paths I get the following spells of my choice:
Darkness: Change Color, Fog, Cause Fear, Eliminate Spells
Creation: Create Music, Create Sounds, Magic Shield
Fire: Cleanliness, Magic Detection, Enchant, Recreate Image, Close with Magic, Magical Protection, Heal Diseases, Purification

That’s it, it’s a bit clunky, but I think it makes up for it by being extremely customizable.


One Response to “Anima – Beyond Fantasy – CC”

  1. Joe Edwards said

    I plan on running this game in the next month. I hope it is as interesting as it looks.

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