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Halo Wars in Review

Posted by paradisio on March 6, 2009

So I just got Halo Wars and I am enjoying it quite a bit believe it or not.  I even got a friend of mine to play it and he got hooked, the best part is he isn’t a fan of the RTS games.  Now I know what everyone is thinking and before you say anything, yes I know that it is an RTS on a console and that they suck more than anything could suck. But, to it’s credit it is a very well done console RTS.  As far as I can tell the units are fairly balanced and easily moved around the map. A downside is that you have a hard time selecting individual units for special attacks.

On that note the local and all unit selection seems to work for ‘swarm’ tactics but lacks the subtle attempts of a lone spartan unit capturing a wraith. The base building has been streamlined into a 7 square base that houses all your money makers, power stations, unit builders, etc.  On the money issue it was also streamlined with a supply pad that streams money into the treasury, and yes more depots = faster money.  So the downfall would be that you start playing the waiting game with your cash flow but is overcome by the fact that there is normally something to do at all times save the first couple of minutes but can be overcome by searching for supply crates to bolster your supplies right out of the gates.

The campaign has an steady learning curve and is again fairly balanced, graphicaly it is beutiful and the videos are very well done.  Over all this is the possibly the best console RTS I have seen to date and hope that the online support will be good as I would like to see more of this type of game. This is my first blog and figured it was a good starting point have at it everyone.



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