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Character Creation Challenge and More

Posted by paradisio on April 14, 2009

Well, with the relaunch of the site, things have finally settled down now. I’ve gotten my site hooked up with everything again, so it’s time to pump out the content. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time recently to catastrophic car failure, but I’m really trying here, and I would like some of my readers help on some upcoming stuff.

First, I like the Create a Character stuff I’ve been doing, and I’m going to continue to do that, but I’m beginning to run low on books. Here is my current list of games I own. I’ve marked off the ones I’ve already covered in past character creation walkthroughs.

(X)Anima – Beyond Fantasy
(X)Ars Magica
(X)All Flesh Must Be Eaten
(X)BESM 3e
(X)Call of Cthulhu 6e
D&D 3.5
(X)D&D 4.0
Deadlands Reloaded
(X)Dark Heresy
Exalted 1e
Exalted 2e
Jovian Chronicles
Legend of the Five Rings
Maid: The RPG
Mekton Zeta
(X)Mutants & Masterminds 2e
Savage Worlds
Shadowrun 4e
Star Wars D20
(X)Star Wars Saga Edition
(X)Unknown Armies
(X)Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e
World of Darkness

Does anyone have any specific suggestions on what to cover next? Or new games I should pick up and go through? I may do Maid: The RPG tonight since it’s fairly short. Also, I’ve still yet to do any supplements, should I stick to core lines of games for this?

That leads into another subject entirely, reviews. I’m still working on my Star Ocean review sadly, but I’m interested in branching out and trying some typical RPG Reviews. Ideas, suggestions, specific games, format, anything?

Tangents: My 4e D&D game should be starting in 3 weeks-month as well, so expect some content on that front; as much as a whole new setting.

Second, my apologies that the other writers still haven’t gotten anything up yet, they WILL be chastised.


3 Responses to “Character Creation Challenge and More”

  1. Perrin said

    My vote is for Scion. Given the listed pantheons, I would be fascinated to see what manner of character you would unleash from them. The nature of the game, not to mention the various supplements, also means that you can take your pick from any additional pantheons that strike your fancy. Please take that as encouragement, and show us what you get.

  2. Troll said

    I disagree with jdrey. obvious disguise is obvious.

  3. Paradisio said

    Not jdrey, not everyone who posts here is someone you know.

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