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CCC – Maid: The RPG

Posted by paradisio on April 19, 2009

Well, it’s been awhile, but it’s finally time to get back on track. Today’s CCC (or Create a Character Challenge) is for Maid The Role Playing Game. Yea, yea, seems odd, but bare with me for a moment, the game is actually quite fun. Obviously the game is very anime inspired by the cover/theme and doesn’t take itself real seriously. Honestly the game was originally a Japanese title that was translated, but don’t let that deter you too much, the translation is very well done. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn and character creation is quick and fun, and in general it makes for a system that is great for not-so-serious one shot games. So if you enjoy RPGs that are a bit silly and rules-lite, this is a great choice.

Anyways, the game is pretty simple; the characters play maids and they serve the master (the GM incarnate basically). Serve the master well, and you get favor points, do poorly and lose them (eventually getting fired). The game can range from the mundane to the fantastic, fantasy to sci-fi and everywhere in between. The master could be Satan, a 95 year old pervert and/or the pilot of an intergalactic space vessel. The game takes place in a ‘mansion’ although like everything else, it doesn’t have to be just a large house. You could theoretically run a Maid: The RPG game set in about any other RPG setting as well (Master is throne bound Emperor of Mankind!) Anyways, the Maids themselves aren’t exactly your run of the mill maids either… And that’s exactly what I’ll be making today.

The game doesn’t let you have re-rolls, but I’m going to stick with my first rolls just to see what kind of insanity I can get.

1. Attributes – The game devices the primary stats into Athletics, Affection, Skill, Cunning, Luck and Will. They are all pretty obvious except maybe Affection which is more if a general social ability of getting people to like you. To determine my stats I simply roll 2D6 (the primary dice mechanic) for each one and divine by three (rounding down) and I get the following:
-Athletics: 2
-Affection: 2
-Skill: 4
-Cunning: 2
-Luck: 0
-Will: 3

Well, max skill should prove exceptionally handy to start with, but that luck is pretty bad at the lowest score possible… Otherwise, fairly average.

2. Maid Type – Next I roll maid type, I get two of them (one each for each 1d6), these provide some character descriptors and some stat modifiers. I roll and get Sexy and Boyish… Yea, by the way, all the maids are female (typically, although there are butler rules, but they aren’t as fun). The modifiers add up to Cunning +1, Will -1, Athletics +1 and Skill -1 which brings my stats to:
-Athletics: 3
-Affection: 2
-Skill: 3
-Cunning: 3
-Luck: 0
-Will: 2

Anyways, quite the weird combination so far…

3. Maid Colors – Now I roll  to determine my maid’s uniform colors. Additionally, I can also use it to determine hair and eye colors, and I will!
-Uniform: Sky Blue
-Hair: Orange
-Eyes: Grey


4. Special Qualities – Okay, here is where it gets really fun, special qualities. Typically, you roll twice (which I will be doing), but the GM may allow more or less rolls on the charts. You simply roll a D66 (one d6 being the tens, the other being the ones) and consult the relevant charts in the book. In general, I’m not much of a fan of a cluster of tables, but these are simple and easy and are mostly to round out your characters flavor.

#1: Delinquent (consult related table) -> Sunglasses. All the time. Even at night. Yea, I’m that guy… er, girl.

#2: Angel/Devil. I’ve been charged with judging good or evil, the full details are really up to me.

Well, not quite the undead alcoholic I’ve rolled up before or the fabled succubus redneck, but you can see how things can get quite ridiculous especially if your GM allows more. For fun, let’s make the character an angel who thinks they are intimidating because they wear sunglasses… or something. There are some more serious special qualities in the game as well, some of which may make some people uncomfortable. Just remember to take the game with a grain of salt.

5. Etcetera – Next I roll for my Maid Roots, Stress Explosion and (optionally) Weapon. Maid Roots is basically why I’m at the mansion and/or working for the master. Stress Explosion is what the character does when her stress level (the form of damage in the game) exceeds her Spirit rating (which we will get to shortly).
-Maid Roots: Admirer of Maids
-Stress Explosion: Shopping
-Maid Weapon: Kung-Fu Weapon (for fun let’s say Nunchucks)

6. Maid Power – Next I roll for my Maid Power, which is a special power my character possesses. I get to roll once, but if your stats are deficient enough you can roll twice. The power table you roll on depends on your highest attribute, but I possess Athletics, Skill and Cunning at an equal level, so I get to choose. I pick Skill since it was at four before modifiers, making it the highest. To my facepalm, I roll and get Lock Picking, I can enter any room whenever I want (no roll or anything).

7. Favor and Spirit – These are derived attributes to start with. Favor is some of an experience system but also can be raised and lowered depending on the Master (and/or GM). You need it to stay employed. Spirit is basically a damage threshold. Favor is affection times two, or 4 for me; while spirit is Will times ten, or 20 for me. Not bad considering it’s possible to get 0 if your stats are bad enough.

8. Name and Age – Last but not least is name and age. Unfortunately, there is no chart for these, so just make something up. I’ll say she is 1,543 years old and named Gabrielle. That a bit too cliche? She’s an angel after all!

So, that probably took me longer to write than it will take you to make your own character for this game. Obviously, you can see how it can get pretty silly considering I just rolled up a sexy, boyish, maid-wannabe, nunchuck wielding angel who loves to wear sunglasses.

You can get the game from Indie Press Revolution (the PDF is a whopping $8!) here. It’s well worth the purchase just for the fun of rolling up characters.


5 Responses to “CCC – Maid: The RPG”

  1. VonKrause said

    Good job, now lets see if anyone out there plays it, I would like to hear some of the crazy stories from gamers out there.

  2. Wyatt said

    I play it…and pretty much any game of Maid is a crazy story in and of itself.

  3. Wyatt said

    Agh, what is this, I put an @ symbol there at random in my site name. Could ya edit to fix that Para?

    Anyway, this is a good article. Another fun fact about Maid is that nearly everything can work off a random table, from events, to character actions. You just have to spend some time devising new things to add to existing tables (or entirely new tables).

  4. RavenPolar said

    I play it and love it. Its just a real fun beer and pretzels game for when a session falls through or instead of playing a board game with a few mates.
    The fact that its not too serious, you can play with 5 minutes prep (or none at all) and that even a new player will get the system in all of 2 minutes makes it perfect.

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