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Prinny “Can I realy be the hero?” In review

Posted by paradisio on April 19, 2009

In short yes, in reality no. This is going to be a pretty short review seeing as I didn’t beat this game. Unlike the previous instalments of the Disgaea series this is a side scrolling action game. Now don’t get me wrong while reading this it was fun for a short while but as the game wore on it quickly turned sour. You see it suffers from the same problem that Super Ghouls and Ghosts (SNES) had. When you jump you go at a 45- angle forward or backward and then straight up. The problem is once you jump you are stuck at that angle without the ability to change direction once you are in the air. The only exception to this rule is if you ground pound but that can lead to death just as easy.

The good and the bad news is you have 1000 lives from the start of the game. Let that number be a warning to you all who might play this, you will use most of these lives in order to beat the game. I cleared 3 of the 8 (I think) and lost about 250 of them and the game only got harder from that point on.

Overall this game is fun for about 20 minutes after that it becomes a total pain in the ass. But if you like a challenge and/or like pulling your hair out then Prinny for the PSP is for you. Otherwise not so much, I didn’t like this game just due to the difficulty curve is like a vertical wall. But that could be general ham handed behavior.


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