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Homebrew DND4.0 Game – Preliminary Ideas

Posted by paradisio on April 20, 2009

Below is an e-mail I sent to the group with some of my first ideas about my upcoming (very work in progress) homebrew game with some prelimiary ideas, mostly focused on the pantheon. Any input or ideas? Trying to come up with something original and interesting, don’t know If I’m quit there yet. Appreciate any input, thanks.

Pantheon: The game is non-standard, people worship the primal aspects of the cosmology made manifest. Each god (primordial) represents a
plane and are physically the plane themselves but can manifest individually and spawn aspects as normal. In addition to these Primordials, they have spawned/created offspring who are the typical ‘gods’ but even the primordials are typically called “gods.” People can arise to godhood, but typically it means the destruction of a previous god to take over their portfolio, although sometimes gods overlap and compete. Gods can take on a plane of there own, but requires immense power to maintain. Both for gods who have taking on there own planes and the primordials, their destruction (an exceedingly rare event) can mean the death of their plane as well. For the most part, primordial and gods maintain utter control over their domains.

The Prime Material Plane (yet to be named) is an exception, it and the other true planets are not strict aspects of a god but were molded by the collective primordials many millennia ago.

If you want a source material with a similar cosmology, you should like at the Everquest games, it is the main inspiration for this cosmology and I’ll be taking a couple of notes from it for similar deities since it’s obviously very D&D inspired.

I’ll have a fall pantheon list soon complete with each gods portfolio, alignment, favored weapon, etc.

As far as general cosmology goes, I’m going to try to fit as much as the core in as I feasibly can. I may turn some of the core planes into alternate realities or their own planets (as in actual celestial bodies… not well, celestial bodies :D).

Upon death, the faithful are brought to serve the gods or are incorporated into their plane, those who aren’t are swallowed into darkness (more on that later). In general, most of the gods and mortals preach that living in the mortal realm is just as important as living in the divine, since divinity can be achieved in both the realms of the living and the dead.

Races: Typical layout, humans being the primary race by a fair margin. I’m not going to go out of my way to include every core race that is ever printed and ever will be printed into the main scheme of things. The core ones will be the most predominate (of the nice guis), other races I’ll give you small details about, and feel free to work with me to develop how your country and culture fits into the world, even if it deviates from the norm. I can’t promise all the races will be as widely as accepted as the core depicts as well, I think racism has an important place in fantasy games, but I’m going to try to avoid the standard cliches. The core races will be most unaltered.

World: The world is large and varied, and like our own, predominately covered in water. The world is old, having been struck many millennia ago, and many civilizations have risen and fallen in that time. And like a lot of games, humans are a fairly young race compared to others, but their adaptability has lead them to overshadow most of the others.

Tech Level: The group expressed interest in steampunk like elements, I’m still a bit undecided on this.

How does magic function? Basically as normal with a few changes. Clerics are granted their power by their god(s) or are granted the power by virtue of their strong beliefs, either way, it is granted, but the gods almost never forsake those who they have blessed (yea, this goes against the core, but I’m really not going to remove your powers because you had a mis-step.) Arcane users basically conjure forth the pure chaos of the universe and channel it into elemental form, earning the ire of some beings for acting like gods. Primal users are a mixture of divine and the natural ability to tap into the nature around them. Soul/Martial users are simply masters of themselves.


One Response to “Homebrew DND4.0 Game – Preliminary Ideas”

  1. kaeosdad said

    Some cool ideas with the pantheon and gods work in your home brew. I like that you are offering the player’s to come up with their own gods and deities, it’s a really good way to get the players invested more in a shared setting.

    I have a set of notes on my homebrew if you want to check them out, they’re at the link below.

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