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Tales of Tubby

Posted by paradisio on May 4, 2009

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do to have a regular article on here, and I’ve decided that writing a little bit about my experiences playing the MMO World of Warcraft would make for some decent writing material.

My main character is Enigmaran, a feral druid in the guild Dusk on the Laughing Skull server. It is a late night raiding guild so I am able to keep up my normal schedule in the day and use being awake due to insomnia to play WoW. As a feral druid I function in both roles as a tank and a dps.

Before I elaborate a bit on things druidic in nature I figure I should explain the title of this post. A lot of people in the guild have played druids at one point and the general consensus is that the bear model is fat and moving it around is somewhat analogous to moving a semi truck. Thus the nickname Tubby.

Currently WoW is in patch 3.1 which launched a new raid instance called Ulduar. Despite some difficulty having enough healers, we are currently working on the 10th of 14 potential bosses inside the instance, and are able to field multiple 10 man groups that have progressed farther. As such I’ve gotten to see a fair amount of the instance – a review of which will come in a future article.

What I intend to reflect on here is a little bit about the role of the feral druid. As we began raiding at level 80, I quickly took on the role of the guild’s main tank. Because tank druids scale very quickly with gear and don’t have issues being crit immune, it helped early raid progression move quickly. However, as the dps progressed into full best in slot gear along with the other tanks doing the same, what essentially developed was bear tanks being highly survivable but lacking in threat generation when compared to the other tanks. The main reason for this difficulty is having dps that likes to see how far they can push the tanks, causing us to make sure we are pushing our maximum threat at all times. With the launch of 3.1 and the changes it brought, I have now taken a more offtank role, where currently I am rarely tanking.

This has led me to realize that feral druid melee dps is ina very good place at this point in time. With dual spec I currently serve as melee dps on most fights and am able to produce highly competitive numbers, and actually managed to top our guild’s meters on multiple bosses this past week.

So, I guess all this rambling goes to say that right now I feel like feral druids in WoW are in a very good place. Our dps spec is competitive and our tank spec is able to tank effectively even though others in our guild prefer other classes to tank right now due to threat generation components. However, the mitigation and survivability of feral druids as tanks is in a fantastic place currently to compensate for the lack of threat.

Stay tuned for future articles where I will discuss more specific experiences and possibly add a little bit about my experiences with my priest which is also at level 80. (Thank you Blizzard for taking so long to release Ulduar that I got bored enough to actually level an alt).

And of course – feel free to comment with questions and suggestions about what to discuss in future musings.


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