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Being a frugal nerd in tough economic times – Part 2

Posted by paradisio on May 12, 2009

Not really the next full segment, this is more of a slight continuation of the previous, once again talking about consumer electronics and entertainment. This time the focus on portable music and personal computing.

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Being a frugal nerd in tough economic times – Part 1

Posted by paradisio on May 2, 2009

Money tight but don’t want to be left in the proverbial dust? In this multi-part segment I’m going to show how you can get some cool stuff at some bargain prices. In this first segment I talk about televisions, accessories, and video games.

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Free Exalted 2nd Edition Core Books (PDFs)

Posted by paradisio on April 12, 2009

Well, with the recent debacle of Wizards of the Coast pulling their D&D products from PDF sales due to supposed piracy or some such undisclosed information, while White Wolf has taken the opposite stance and have (at least for the moment) decided to make the Core Second Edition Exalted Book free. You can pick it up here at In addition, there are some other good discounts and free books on that site as well right now; and I personally recommend them as a great store to get legitimate PDFs.

I really commend WW for embracing the PDF market instead of treating it like a red-headed step child.

If you haven’t heard of the WoTC pulling PDF sales, here’s the information from DriveThruRPG’s newsletter:

“By now, you have probably learned that Wizards of the Coast recently decided to cease the sale of digital download versions of their books. This means that RPGNow and DriveThruRPG will no longer be able to offer you future downloads of Wizards titles you have purchased.

We are offering you a final 24-hour period in which to re-download copies of any Wizards of the Coast files you have purchased from us in the past. If there are any titles you purchased, and you need a new copy of the file for your personal archive, this is your last chance to get it.”

Quite disturbing indeed, and I can’t help feel a bit bad for DTRPG as they had to deny customers their right to future downloads of WOTC products they had already purchased.

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