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Character Creation Challenge and General Site Update

Posted by paradisio on November 6, 2010

First of all I want to say things have been extremely hectic in my personal life, and this site has suffered immensely. I don’t want to turn this into my personal life problems post, but this site is always in the back of my mind, and I want to see it thrive.

First of all as far as my gaming goes, I’ve primarily been playing mekton zeta so expect to see some content around that, but I have a 4e and Eclipse Phase gaming upcoming as well. Below is the list of games that have been done and those I wish to cover, please comment if there is a game you want to see. I’m sure i have some in my own collection that I have missed as well.

As well, I’m curious, do people want to see my break down subgames? Would people like to see a Vampire CC and a seperate World of Darkness one? Thanks, and expect more updates very soon!

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D&D 3.5 vs 4.0 – Character Creation Challenge MAXIMUM!1!!

Posted by paradisio on June 25, 2009

Well first of all, if you’re a regular follower, you’re probably going… “Wut? You already did Dungeons and Dragons 4e!” Yes well, first, I have yet to do D&D 3.5 (or Chainmail, or 1…2…or 3, more on those later!) And I had an interesting idea, what if I put these two games side by side and did character creation? More precisely, what if I did it a maximum level to see how they compare? And that’s what I’m doing. As you may or may not know, 3.5 normally goes up to 20, but effectively has no maximum level with the epic level rules, but they are a total mess in my experience so I’m just going to do it to 20, while likewise doing 4e the same.

What class? Well, good question, but I wanted something, well, perhaps not so easy in either. So I pick the class in both which probably has the most options: Wizard. As per my normal CCC rules, I’m sticking to the core books, and not Wizard’s definition of “core”, that means players handbook (1) only and/or Dungeon Master’s Guide. Adding additional source books will just make this take longer and add to the complexity needlessly for a comparison. But unlike my usual CCC entries, I won’t actually post step by steps, I’ll do that some other time.

This isn’t “4e is better” or “4e is teh sux”, I actually like both editions, but 3.5 just has worn on me and I find it needlessly complex for my gaming needs. But I know some people like that, I think this will show in character creation. My estimates is that 4e will be significantly faster but have fewer options. I am including a time as well for how long it took me (includes writing the relevant section in this article), and as a disclaimer my experience in 3.5 far outweighs my 4e experience. Take this with a grain of salt, no need to get all worked up over my article or a fun game!

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Scion – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 18, 2009

As per previously requested, today on the Character Creation chopping block is Scion. Scion’s first book, Hero, came out in 2007, and thus far has seen a grand total of five books released; unfortunately, I would be surprised to see another release at this point, so the game is pretty much at end of life. I really like the theme, it’s basically a modernization of classical storytelling, you take the roll of a Scion, or literally a child of a god and embark on epic quests, eventually becoming a god yourself. The game is divided up among the three primary books: hero, Demigod and God; each with an emphasis on that level of play.

Like most White Wolf game lines, it has great background stuff, but in my opinion suffers from poor mechanical execution, but nothing a few minor house rules can’t solve. After all, no one is perfect. In general, I would consider Scion to be Exalted lite as far as System goes, suffering some of the pitfalls of it’s fore barer but not all of them.

To start with, the character I will be making will be at the base level as usual; while I can’t throw battleships or anything, everyone has to start somewhere! Also per the norm, I’ll be sticking with the base book only to simplify things to the base level.

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Decipher Star Trek – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 17, 2009

Inspired by the recent Star Trek movie and a renewed interest in the franchise, I became interested in finding a system to run a Star Trek game. Unfortunately, just like the series, there is no current RPG. On the upside, you can pick up the defunct Decipher version very cheap at WholeSaleGaming, $35 for the full lot, a great deal, which is what I’ll be using today. It’s a great movie based system, far from perfect, and in need of a bit of errata, but it’s great for a Star Trek game that isn’t overly complex.

The original books character creation is a bit… undeveloped, so I’ll be using the steps I found on a great fansite.

The character I’ll be making will be the short lived character Tasha Yar from the Next Generation, a security officer from a failed colony the regressed into depravity, although I doubt I’ll be able to match her 100% at character creation.

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CCC – Maid: The RPG

Posted by paradisio on April 19, 2009

Well, it’s been awhile, but it’s finally time to get back on track. Today’s CCC (or Create a Character Challenge) is for Maid The Role Playing Game. Yea, yea, seems odd, but bare with me for a moment, the game is actually quite fun. Obviously the game is very anime inspired by the cover/theme and doesn’t take itself real seriously. Honestly the game was originally a Japanese title that was translated, but don’t let that deter you too much, the translation is very well done. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn and character creation is quick and fun, and in general it makes for a system that is great for not-so-serious one shot games. So if you enjoy RPGs that are a bit silly and rules-lite, this is a great choice.

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Character Creation Challenge and More

Posted by paradisio on April 14, 2009

Well, with the relaunch of the site, things have finally settled down now. I’ve gotten my site hooked up with everything again, so it’s time to pump out the content. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time recently to catastrophic car failure, but I’m really trying here, and I would like some of my readers help on some upcoming stuff.

First, I like the Create a Character stuff I’ve been doing, and I’m going to continue to do that, but I’m beginning to run low on books. Here is my current list of games I own. I’ve marked off the ones I’ve already covered in past character creation walkthroughs.

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Anima – Beyond Fantasy – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 22, 2008

Today’s game is a recent release in the English language, Anima – Beyond Fantasy. It’s a (beyond) fantasy game, with an anime-ish feel.  It would probably be a good game if you wanted to run a game in the vein of Final Fantasy. The system is kind of hard to get your head around at first, but it has some really cool stuff in it; especially in some of the martial arts systems. The game is being published by Fantasy Flight Games. Anyways, I’m going to give the character creation system a test by making a wizard.

Step 1. Generate and Calculate Characteristics

Well first, I generate my stats. There are several options at the GM’s choice on how stats can be distributed, all involve a degree of rolling. There isn’t a standard point buy, but it would be easy enough for the GM to make up a number.

I use method one of rolling stats, which is a simple D10 roll, 8 times, re-rolling low stuff.

My primary statistics come out to: 6 6 7 7 8 9 10 10. And my secondary stat of appearance is 8.

All in all, very good rolls. A 5 is average, and 10 is the normal maximum human ability.

The primary statistics are Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence, Power, Willpower, and Perception. Intelligence is the main stat for magic users, as per the norm. Power is useful for channeling magic, Dexterity for ‘aiming’ spells’, and Willpower will be of help if I do some summoning. So my stat distribution comes out to the following. After each stat I have the modifier, which will add to relevant skills.

STR – 6 (+5)
DEX – 8 (+10)
AGI – 7 (+5)
CON – 6 (+5)
INT – 10 (+15)
POW – 10 (+15)
WP – 9 (+10)
PER – 7 (+5)

Then I determine my movement value and fatigue, which are based on those stats.

Movement Value – 7
Fatigue – 6

After that is my secondary characteristics of Appearance and Size. Appearance I rolled for earlier, and size is based on my STR and CON.

Appearance – 8
Size – 12

Size just tells me what general range of height and weight I should be in.

Step 2. Choose Race

There are two main races, Humans and Nephelim. None of the Nephilim really strike me as right for the wizard I’m shooting for, so I’m going to stay a normal human.

Step 3. Choose Class

I’ve already decided what class I want to be, a Wizard, the primary non-hybrid mystic magic using class.

Step 4. Use Creation points to acquire Advantages and Disadvantages

I start with three points I can spend on advantages and I can acquire up to three more by acquiring disadvantages.

First of all, if I even want to use magic, I have to acquire The Gift advantage, which takes up two of my three points off the bat.

For disadvantages I pick Vulnerable to Cold, Susceptible to Poison, and Unfortunate. I really hope no one randomly poisons a cold beverage.

After that, my advantages are: The Gift (2), Aptitude for Magic Development (1), Superior Magic Recovery (1), Natural Knowledge of a Path (Fire, Darkness)

Step 5. Spend DP on Primary Abilities

I have 600 Development Points to spend on my Primary and Secondary characteristics. Primary is split between Combat, Supernatural and Psychic. My primary focus will be Supernatural, and I don’t imagine myself spending any in Psychic or much in Combat. While I could reasonably dump all 600 points in Supernatural, there is a hard limit to how many I can spend in each primary category, in this case 60% (or 360 points).

Supernatural: First I spend 100 points on MA Multiple. This triples the amount of magic I can accumulate each round. I then spend 6 points on improving Zeon, which are the points I spent to cast spells, this gives me 30 more Zeon. Next I buy +90 Magic Projection for 180 points, the maximum I can spend on it. I will probably be safe with that amount for a few levels. I then buy +10 Summon, +10 Control, +10 Bind, and +7 Banish for 74 points total. I have spent 360 points in Supernatural, that’s all I can buy for the time being.

I have 240 points left, I spend 20 on Life Point Multiple, which will give me more health. I then buy +30 Dodge for 60 points, giving me 160 left for secondary attributes.

Step 6. Spend DP on Secondary Abilities

I have 160 points left to spend on my secondary abilities. I buy the following:
Social: Leadership 10, Persuasion 5, Style 20
Perception: Notice 10
Intellectual: History 5, Magic Appraisal 15, Occult 15
Vigor: Withstand Pain 5

Step 7. Add innate class bonuses.

For each level as a wizard I gain +100 Zeon, +10 Magic Appraisal and +5 Occult. These aren’t factored above.

Step 8. Add the natural bonus to a Secondary Ability

Basically I can select a skill and I can add the relevant characteristic bonus a second time. I pick Occult. My skill with occult is now: 15 (skill) + 5 (innate) +15 (int) + 15 (natural) = 50.

Step 9. Calculate Life Points and your Initiative

I calculate my life points based on adding a few things together and consulting a chart and come out to 85 (base) + 5 (class) + 6 (from multiple) = 96 life points.

Next, I determined initiative similarly and get a total of :
20 (base) + 10 (dex) + 5 (agility) + 5 (class) = 40 initiative.

Step 10. Calculate Resistances

My presence is automatically level 30, my resistance are based on various stats and come out to the following after modifiers from various things like disadvantages.

Disease Resistance 35
Magic Resistance 55
Physical Resistance 35
Venom resistance 17
Psychic Resistance 40

Step 11. Other Stuff

Well, I have to buy equipment. I roll for my Start-Up Money and get a 7 which gets me 20 GC. I buy the following:
Leather Coat (1 GC), Dagger (50 SC), Staff (40 SC), Coat (5 SC), Man’s Formal Outfit (2 GC), Field rations (decent) (5 CC). That gives me 16 GC, 4 SC, 5 CC left.

Next I’ll determine my Zeon points, which as I said before, are the points I use to cast magic. I have:
100 (class bonus) + 30 (bought) + 135 (base) = 265 zeon.

Next I determine my MA, or magic accumulation. This is how quickly that I can, well, accumulate magic, the result is 30.

Last, but not least, is the actual spells. Having a 10 intelligence, that awards me with 50 magic levels to spend. But it is advised a starting mystic only has half that amount, so I have 25 levels to spend. Honestly, not a whole lot, considering there are 11 paths that go up to 100. Fortunately, my two advantages I took way back when happen now, giving me 40 levels each in the fire and darkness paths.

You can do one of two things with magic levels, you can buy individual spells or learn the entire path, its really versatility over having exactly what you want. I like being versatile though, so I keep my 40 levels each in fire and darkness and spend my 25 levels in Creation. I would like to pick up Destruction as well at some point, but because I have chosen Creation first, if I were to buy Destruction spells in the future they would cost double because they are opposed paths.

Next I get to choose some other spells called Free Access spells. From the paths I get the following spells of my choice:
Darkness: Change Color, Fog, Cause Fear, Eliminate Spells
Creation: Create Music, Create Sounds, Magic Shield
Fire: Cleanliness, Magic Detection, Enchant, Recreate Image, Close with Magic, Magical Protection, Heal Diseases, Purification

That’s it, it’s a bit clunky, but I think it makes up for it by being extremely customizable.

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Paranoia – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 20, 2008

First, let me welcome any new readers from the RPG Bloggers Network; this is the first post to likely be on the site. Thanks for letting me join! Second, apologies for the lack of activity over the weekend, got a bit tide up with personal stuff and didn’t have a computer for most of my little free time.

Paranoia Cover
Anyways, today’s (well, maybe 1 of 2 or 3) character creation challenge is Paranoia. Paranoia is a pretty popular game that has been around a while. In Paranoia you are a troubleshooter who works for friend computer, the leader of Alpha Complex. As a troubleshooter, you shoot trouble, mostly communists, members of secret societies, traitors, and mutants. Also, you are a secret society member, and a mutant, and a traitor, and possibly a commie. It would be bad if either your fellow troubleshooters of friend computer found out. Really, that’s most of the game; the game can be serious and grim to outrageous where you die every 5 minutes (which is fine, because you come in clone 6-packs). The game doesn’t take itself very seriously, and you probably shouldn’t take it very seriously. It’s also probably the funniest roleplaying book I’ve read.

Anyways, down to character creation. The game can be played in one of three ways: Straight, Classic or Zap. Straight is more serious and realistic, Classic is the traditional method of playng the game, and Zap is well… a game just meant to be funny and not serious at all.

Step 1. Name/Gender

Simple, I’ll be a male named Harry. Your name is more complex though, you have your name, your clearance, home sector and which clone you are on. So my full name is: Harry-R-LZY-1.

Step 2. Skills/Specialties

There are three action skills (Management, Stealth, and Violence) and three Knowledge skills (Hardware, Software, and Wetware). They are determined by a random d20 die roll that is cut in half. My results are as follows:

Management 10
Stealth 4
Violence 6

Hardware 4
Software 10
Wetware 5

Apparently, I’d be a good software engineer manager. I doubt I’ll get anything close that utilizes those.

Next I add specialities; I get Energy Weapons for free, and I have six other specialties to place how I want. Each just adds a flat +4 bonus to a related task. Of course, I also have to pick a weakness for each speciality (aside from the free one), and I’ll just be terrible at that. My skills with specialties come out to the following

Management 10
-Bootlicking 14
-Chutzpah 14
-Con Games 1
-Moxie 1
Stealth 4
-Surveillance 8
-Disguise 1
Violence 6
-Energy Weapons 10

Hardware 4
Software 10
-Bot Programming 14
-Electronic Engineering 14
-Mechanical Engineering 14
-Nuclear Engineering 1
-Weapon and Armor Maintenance 1
-Chemical Engineering 1
Wetware 5

Step 3. Service Firm

Next is my service firm, who are the people I normally work for when I’m not troubleshooting. It’s determined randomly as well.

My character works for the Central Processing Unit in the 116 Emergency Systems branch. Actually, this one might make some sense for the characters; usually when rolling up a branch I would get something like Bedding Inspectors or Odor Fresheners.

Step 4. Mutant Power

Once again, a random roll… and my mutants power is… Polymorphism. Apparently I’m a shapeshifter, may come in handy for mimicking my fellow troubleshooters and leave them holding the bag.

Step 5. Secret Society

Another random roll and my secret society is Computer Phreaks… so I’m a hacker who likes screwing with the computer… Man, this must be the first random character I’ve made in this game who has made a lick of sense.

My secret society degree is 2, which is a measure of how far in the organization I am.

Next I have my secret society skills, I pick the Computer Phreaks skills since they all work for my character: Cash Hacking, Jargon and Hacking.

6. Perversity/Tics

I get 25 perversity points to start off with, which I can use to mess with rolls in the game. I can get up to 10 more by selecting two ticks.

7/8/9. Security Clearance/Attributes/Equipment

All troubleshooters start at red, above the ignorant masses of the infrared security clearance and below anyone of any importance

After that I roll up a couple of other minor attributes and list my starting equipment, which includes things like a laser pistol without a barrel and overalls that really don’t fit right.

And that’s it, simple, eh? It’s a pretty easy game to play and run. It’s one of my top choices if I need to run a game off the cuff without any preparation.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 15, 2008

Next up is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the (much) older sister to Dark Heresy. Like Dark Heresy, the game almost met it’s end not long ago with the closing of the RPG branch of it’s publishers, Black Industries. But both were picked up by Fantasy Flight Games, a relief to many who enjoy both games. The game is back in production with new books coming down the pipes; but even so, there is a plethora of quality books available for the line. The character creation isn’t terribly dissimilar to Dark Heresy, it has a touch more randomness though, so expect this one to be a bit light.

First I pick race, I’ll be different this time and pick Dwarf. I just pick up 2d10 and roll out most of my stats, plus some modifiers or consulting some tables, they come out as follows:

Weapon Skill: 42
Ballistic Skill: 29
Strength: 31
Toughness: 44
Agility: 18
Intelligence: 34
Will Power: 27 (Changed to 31)
Fellowship: 22
Attacks: 1
Wounds: 12
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 4
Movement: 3
Magic: 0
Insanity Points: 0
Fate Points: 3

Next I can pick one of my primary stats and replace the 2d10 roll with 11, my stats are above that for the most part, so I change the 27 Will Power to a 31.

Next up is Racial Features, basically the skills and talents that are natural to my race, I’ll get more later, my choices comes out to the following:
Skills: Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Speak Language (Khazalid), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Miner)
Talents: Dwarfcraft, Grudge-born Fury, Night Vision, Resistance to Magic, Stout-Hearted, Sturdy

Next I roll up my starting career, this is the main random factor of character creation and there are some very… interesting careers (rat catcher anyone?).

I roll a percentile and get 68… I’m a Servant. Not real thrilled, I take the option for a second roll and roll a 79, Soldier. I’ll take the second one, I’m much more proficient at fighting. I take a look at the Soldier career and write down the skills, talents and trapping (equipment) from it, including the previous racial stuff, that gives me the following:
Skills: Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Dodge Blow, Gamble, Heal, Intimidate, Perception, Ride, Speak Language (Khazalid), Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Miner)
Talents: Disarm, Dwarfcraft, Grudge-born Fury, Night Vision, Resistance to Magic, Specialist Weapon Group (Two-handed), Stout-Hearted, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Sturdy
Trappings: Great Weapon (Halbred), Shield, Light Armour (Full Leather Armour), Uniform, Basic Supplies, Hand Weapon, 9 Gold Crowns, Bag

Next I basically get free experience to buy an attribute from my class (called an advance), I pick +1 Attack.

That’s the jist of it, there is some tables to roll up background and get the following:
Height: 4’5″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair Colour: Ash Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Earring
Siblings: 2
Star Sign: Mummit the Fool
Age: 55
Birthplace: Karak Hirin
Name: Hunni

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Unknown Armies – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 15, 2008

Today’s game is another Greg Stolze game, this time it’s Unknown Armies. Unlike Reign, UA uses a roll under system for resolution. Like Reign however, the game is very freeform. I have a hard time pinning down the game to an archetype of what kind of game it is, modern Occult is the best description I can come up with. The game can be funny, serious or silly; about magic or conspiracies or killer robots or bad chicken nuggets. I also thoroughly enjoy the way magic is used in the game; nothing like a mage who gets power from getting stoned or being drunk and having historically relevant drinking apparatus’.

The game has a few supplements, although I don’t believe any more are in production, regardless, they are all quality stuff. To be honest, I don’t even know if the book is in print anymore, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

The game has three levels of play; this game will take place on the most basic level, street. Anyways, these character creation things I do are generally pretty light on the back story. But because so much of the character generation system is relevant to background I’m going to throw in a bit of back story right now.

The characters name is Elie Anderson, a college drop out with a big drug problem who is intensely paranoid of the government and into conspiracy theories and all that jazz. Truthfully, this character is modeled after an actual friend of mine.

The first step is to determine your character obsession; people in this kind of game are frequently going to have some personality quirks. Elie’s obsession is self indulgence, whether it be drugs or just agreeing with himself about his own crazy theories.

Next are your characters passions, which are a role-playing tool and a game tool that can help you in certain situations. You have three passions, one for Fear, Rage, and Nobility. They should be fairly obvious, what scares you, what angers you, and what prompts you to do good.

Elie is obviously afraid of the government, so I give his character: (Isolation) Government Officials. Each fear is related to one of five things; in this case I picked Isolation since he obviously doesn’t want anything to do with them. Rage is a bit of a tougher one, Elie is a pretty laid back guy, but I pick an example from the book: Stuck-Up ***holes. For the noble passion I pick One For All, also an example from the book; he’s loyal to his friends against the fat cats with probes.

Next is your personality, this can be something you pick, or one from the group (of which there are different types), I pick the zodiac Gemini as a personality archetype.

Next is the more mechanical stuff, your stats. They are rated 1-100, higher being better obviously. The game only has four stats: Body, Speed, Mind and Soul. I have 220 points to spend between the four, 30-70 being the average range. I don’t imagine that years of drug abuse have helped him physically, but he is fairly popular at the parties and raves and a pretty sharp if a bit paranoid. After all, if you knew, wouldn’t you be scared?

I distribute the points as follows:
Body 45
Speed 45
Mind 60
Soul 70

After that I pick a descriptive term for each stat. Body – Runny Nose, Speed – Butter Fingers, Mind – Recites bits from government documentation, Soul – Life of the party.

Next are skills, unlike pretty much every game I’ve played, there is no skill list. You make up the skills; they shouldn’t be incredibly broad and can be descriptive about your character at the same time. You get a number of points equal to the relevant stat plus a few bonus points to put anywhere. There are some free skills everyone gets as well.

So first, I have my free skills at the following:
Body: General Athletics 15%, Struggle 15%
Speed: Dodge 15%, Driving 15%, Initiative 22%
Mind: General Education 15%, Notice 15%, Conceal 15%
Soul: Charm 15%, Lying 15%

After a bit of work and spending, my skills come up as follows:
Body: General Athletics 20%, Struggle 25%, Enduring the Drugs 30%
Speed: Dodge 20%, Driving 20%, Initiative 22%, Running from the Man 25%, Firearms 15%
Mind: General Education 25%, Notice 25%, Conceal 40%, Law 15%
Soul: Charm 40%, Lying 40%, Getting a Fix 30%

That’s basically it for the basic level of play, flesh out some traumatic occult event in the characters life and discuss with the GM about whatever equipment you may have.

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