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Site Status Information/New Project

Posted by paradisio on October 3, 2009

Before I start with the good news, I want to cover why I haven’t been posting much lately for what recurring viewership I have (going off the stats, I have some I assume). A while back I moved the site off my free wordpress (Sign of the Druid) to this privately hosted (and paid for site), mostly due to me wanting more control. I did put ads on the site (and still have some), not with the intention of making a revenue (although that would be nice) but perhaps just recouping hosting costs. I don’t want to name names, but I had my ads removed in a very upsetting turn of events that was not my own fault. Point being, I can no longer use the biggest Internet advertising network. Regardless, the event upset me quite a bit and my interest in this blog dropped substantially. Combined with my recent unemployment, I have been extremely distracted and have lost my focus, but I have finally gotten over it and I will begin posting regularly again.

I am going to try to devote at least an hour a day to the site from now on, which should hopefully mean I get a post up at least every other day.

Hitting on my frequent topics, I have picked up a few new RPGs recently, which I should have characters up for soon. As well, I have completed some video games which I will be able to review as well.

Biggest though, is a new RPG project for D&D 4e. I will be doing a fairly large conversion project based on the Nippon Ichi Disgaea series. I’m in the process of finalizing races at the moment, which should be up Monday or Tuesday. When completed I will have a write up of setting information, a bunch of races and classes (new and modified), and quite a few monster write ups. So look forward to more from me soon!


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5 Anime/Manga waiting to be used as roleplaying game settings

Posted by paradisio on July 1, 2009

I’m a big fan of crossovers, using pre-existing settings, etc. I think a few different anime worlds provide some great options for settings in your games. You can be obvious or vague. I realize some people will have an immediate aversion to some of these settings (mostly due to horrible, horrible censored dubs), but some of them may scratch a certain spot and provide some very interesting options. Most of these are based off of shounen anime/manga that I believe will make the easiest transition, so you have been warned!

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Scion – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 18, 2009

As per previously requested, today on the Character Creation chopping block is Scion. Scion’s first book, Hero, came out in 2007, and thus far has seen a grand total of five books released; unfortunately, I would be surprised to see another release at this point, so the game is pretty much at end of life. I really like the theme, it’s basically a modernization of classical storytelling, you take the roll of a Scion, or literally a child of a god and embark on epic quests, eventually becoming a god yourself. The game is divided up among the three primary books: hero, Demigod and God; each with an emphasis on that level of play.

Like most White Wolf game lines, it has great background stuff, but in my opinion suffers from poor mechanical execution, but nothing a few minor house rules can’t solve. After all, no one is perfect. In general, I would consider Scion to be Exalted lite as far as System goes, suffering some of the pitfalls of it’s fore barer but not all of them.

To start with, the character I will be making will be at the base level as usual; while I can’t throw battleships or anything, everyone has to start somewhere! Also per the norm, I’ll be sticking with the base book only to simplify things to the base level.

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Decipher Star Trek – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 17, 2009

Inspired by the recent Star Trek movie and a renewed interest in the franchise, I became interested in finding a system to run a Star Trek game. Unfortunately, just like the series, there is no current RPG. On the upside, you can pick up the defunct Decipher version very cheap at WholeSaleGaming, $35 for the full lot, a great deal, which is what I’ll be using today. It’s a great movie based system, far from perfect, and in need of a bit of errata, but it’s great for a Star Trek game that isn’t overly complex.

The original books character creation is a bit… undeveloped, so I’ll be using the steps I found on a great fansite.

The character I’ll be making will be the short lived character Tasha Yar from the Next Generation, a security officer from a failed colony the regressed into depravity, although I doubt I’ll be able to match her 100% at character creation.

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CCC – Maid: The RPG

Posted by paradisio on April 19, 2009

Well, it’s been awhile, but it’s finally time to get back on track. Today’s CCC (or Create a Character Challenge) is for Maid The Role Playing Game. Yea, yea, seems odd, but bare with me for a moment, the game is actually quite fun. Obviously the game is very anime inspired by the cover/theme and doesn’t take itself real seriously. Honestly the game was originally a Japanese title that was translated, but don’t let that deter you too much, the translation is very well done. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn and character creation is quick and fun, and in general it makes for a system that is great for not-so-serious one shot games. So if you enjoy RPGs that are a bit silly and rules-lite, this is a great choice.

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Unknown Armies – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 15, 2008

Today’s game is another Greg Stolze game, this time it’s Unknown Armies. Unlike Reign, UA uses a roll under system for resolution. Like Reign however, the game is very freeform. I have a hard time pinning down the game to an archetype of what kind of game it is, modern Occult is the best description I can come up with. The game can be funny, serious or silly; about magic or conspiracies or killer robots or bad chicken nuggets. I also thoroughly enjoy the way magic is used in the game; nothing like a mage who gets power from getting stoned or being drunk and having historically relevant drinking apparatus’.

The game has a few supplements, although I don’t believe any more are in production, regardless, they are all quality stuff. To be honest, I don’t even know if the book is in print anymore, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

The game has three levels of play; this game will take place on the most basic level, street. Anyways, these character creation things I do are generally pretty light on the back story. But because so much of the character generation system is relevant to background I’m going to throw in a bit of back story right now.

The characters name is Elie Anderson, a college drop out with a big drug problem who is intensely paranoid of the government and into conspiracy theories and all that jazz. Truthfully, this character is modeled after an actual friend of mine.

The first step is to determine your character obsession; people in this kind of game are frequently going to have some personality quirks. Elie’s obsession is self indulgence, whether it be drugs or just agreeing with himself about his own crazy theories.

Next are your characters passions, which are a role-playing tool and a game tool that can help you in certain situations. You have three passions, one for Fear, Rage, and Nobility. They should be fairly obvious, what scares you, what angers you, and what prompts you to do good.

Elie is obviously afraid of the government, so I give his character: (Isolation) Government Officials. Each fear is related to one of five things; in this case I picked Isolation since he obviously doesn’t want anything to do with them. Rage is a bit of a tougher one, Elie is a pretty laid back guy, but I pick an example from the book: Stuck-Up ***holes. For the noble passion I pick One For All, also an example from the book; he’s loyal to his friends against the fat cats with probes.

Next is your personality, this can be something you pick, or one from the group (of which there are different types), I pick the zodiac Gemini as a personality archetype.

Next is the more mechanical stuff, your stats. They are rated 1-100, higher being better obviously. The game only has four stats: Body, Speed, Mind and Soul. I have 220 points to spend between the four, 30-70 being the average range. I don’t imagine that years of drug abuse have helped him physically, but he is fairly popular at the parties and raves and a pretty sharp if a bit paranoid. After all, if you knew, wouldn’t you be scared?

I distribute the points as follows:
Body 45
Speed 45
Mind 60
Soul 70

After that I pick a descriptive term for each stat. Body – Runny Nose, Speed – Butter Fingers, Mind – Recites bits from government documentation, Soul – Life of the party.

Next are skills, unlike pretty much every game I’ve played, there is no skill list. You make up the skills; they shouldn’t be incredibly broad and can be descriptive about your character at the same time. You get a number of points equal to the relevant stat plus a few bonus points to put anywhere. There are some free skills everyone gets as well.

So first, I have my free skills at the following:
Body: General Athletics 15%, Struggle 15%
Speed: Dodge 15%, Driving 15%, Initiative 22%
Mind: General Education 15%, Notice 15%, Conceal 15%
Soul: Charm 15%, Lying 15%

After a bit of work and spending, my skills come up as follows:
Body: General Athletics 20%, Struggle 25%, Enduring the Drugs 30%
Speed: Dodge 20%, Driving 20%, Initiative 22%, Running from the Man 25%, Firearms 15%
Mind: General Education 25%, Notice 25%, Conceal 40%, Law 15%
Soul: Charm 40%, Lying 40%, Getting a Fix 30%

That’s basically it for the basic level of play, flesh out some traumatic occult event in the characters life and discuss with the GM about whatever equipment you may have.

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Reign – CC

Posted by paradisio on October 15, 2008

Well, obviously, I’m not really sticking to the alphabetical order anymore. I’m just skipping to whatever game tickles my fancy at the moment. So today’s character creation challenge walkthrough post…. thing is for Reign. Reign is an indie RPG by one of my favorite authors, Greg Stolze. His main other work I enjoyed was Unknown Armies, and he has worked on several other games I enjoy and a few more that I would like to try, but have yet to get a chance to.

One of my favorite parts of Reign is how it is continually supported is ransom.  Greg writes a supplement and then ransoms it to the public; once he gets the ransom amount he gives the supplement away on his website (for free). At the time of this post, 10 small supplements have been released and the first ‘real’ supplement is also available to download (for free), which is a codification of these smaller ones. So if you enjoy the game, be sure to support it if you want more content from Greg.

Otherwise, the game is a low fantasy medieval type game which uses the ORE system. ORE stands for One Roll Engine, in which all actions are done in… well, one roll. Basically you throw some D10s and look for matches, high numbers and more matches being better. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is surprisingly flexible and makes things a snap. The game has a nice, fleshed out setting as well and can be focused on groups, organizations or individuals.

To demonstrate the ORE system and Reign, I’m going to be using the random character generation method (as I usually do if available) which will be resolved with just one roll.

To start, I automatically have 2 points in each stat: Body, Coordination, Sense, Knowledge, Command, and Charm. In addition you have a master dice in your characters language. A master dice is basically a sure-fire way to get a match (which is a measure of success in the system), but you only get them if you’re very skilled at the skill obviously.

That’s the basic setup, now I roll 11d10. The dice come up: 1, 1, 3, 4, 4, 6, 6, 6, 7, 9, 10. In the game formatting you start with the number of matching dice (called the width) and then the number that is matching (the height). So, I reformat the results as follows: 2×1, 3, 2×4, 3×6, 7, 9, 10. So I have three sets of matching dice and a few dice left over, appropriately called ‘waste die.’ Sometimes these are just ignored, other times not; in this case, the waste dice are used to determined life events, but lets focus on the matches first.

Each match at character creation correlates to a profession; the height determines the profession and the width determines how far your character is/was in the profession. 2×1 means Lowly Beggar, 2×4 means Miserly Merchant, and 3×6 means Veteran Warrior. I apparently am not very well off. Regardless, each profession and how far the character got in said profession give the character new stuff. Added all together, I gain the following: +1 SENSE, +1 CHARM, +1 BODY, +2 Plead, +1 Run, +1 Sight, +3 Dodge, +2 Haggle, +2 Possession (a form of transport), +1 Wealth, +2 Fight, +3 Parry, +2 Weapon (choice). The character looks quick on his feet and actually seems pretty well rounded and roguish.

Now I look at my waste dice: 3, 7, 9 and 10. Basically for this I consult one of three charts for each number, each with a different theme. I picked the following events in order: Someone Got Spurned, Unlikely Education, Gnostic/Mystic/Religious Experience, Served the Decadent Rich. I basically picked these all for even more variety in this characters eclectic life. Added up, these benefits provide: +1 CHARM, +5 in a student skill, +2 Eerie, +2 Lore, +1 Sorcery, +1 Fascinate, +2 Graces, +1 Plead, +1 Lie.

After that, you simply add up all your skills and stat points and you’re mostly done. Equipment is done in a more abstract method, based on your training with skills and any advantages that might grant you some starting cash. Use the events in your characters life to come up with a good back story and you should be ready to go. Quick and easy, just like ORE.

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