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Posted by paradisio on April 24, 2012

Well due to financing, we pulled down the old blog. Unfortunately due to a lot of factors (mostly my friends getting me banned from adsense forever… thanks guys -_-), we are back here on I suppose it was a bit foolish. We have all the old content back, which was quite the pain in the tuckus to retrieve. Unfortunately most of the images got eaten, but we will be replacing them shortly and hoping getting back on track!


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Character Creation Challenge and General Site Update

Posted by paradisio on November 6, 2010

First of all I want to say things have been extremely hectic in my personal life, and this site has suffered immensely. I don’t want to turn this into my personal life problems post, but this site is always in the back of my mind, and I want to see it thrive.

First of all as far as my gaming goes, I’ve primarily been playing mekton zeta so expect to see some content around that, but I have a 4e and Eclipse Phase gaming upcoming as well. Below is the list of games that have been done and those I wish to cover, please comment if there is a game you want to see. I’m sure i have some in my own collection that I have missed as well.

As well, I’m curious, do people want to see my break down subgames? Would people like to see a Vampire CC and a seperate World of Darkness one? Thanks, and expect more updates very soon!

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Site Status Information/New Project

Posted by paradisio on October 3, 2009

Before I start with the good news, I want to cover why I haven’t been posting much lately for what recurring viewership I have (going off the stats, I have some I assume). A while back I moved the site off my free wordpress (Sign of the Druid) to this privately hosted (and paid for site), mostly due to me wanting more control. I did put ads on the site (and still have some), not with the intention of making a revenue (although that would be nice) but perhaps just recouping hosting costs. I don’t want to name names, but I had my ads removed in a very upsetting turn of events that was not my own fault. Point being, I can no longer use the biggest Internet advertising network. Regardless, the event upset me quite a bit and my interest in this blog dropped substantially. Combined with my recent unemployment, I have been extremely distracted and have lost my focus, but I have finally gotten over it and I will begin posting regularly again.

I am going to try to devote at least an hour a day to the site from now on, which should hopefully mean I get a post up at least every other day.

Hitting on my frequent topics, I have picked up a few new RPGs recently, which I should have characters up for soon. As well, I have completed some video games which I will be able to review as well.

Biggest though, is a new RPG project for D&D 4e. I will be doing a fairly large conversion project based on the Nippon Ichi Disgaea series. I’m in the process of finalizing races at the moment, which should be up Monday or Tuesday. When completed I will have a write up of setting information, a bunch of races and classes (new and modified), and quite a few monster write ups. So look forward to more from me soon!

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Psion Review/General Stuff

Posted by paradisio on July 7, 2009


First before I begin, the first part of this is a bit of a rant, if you are looking for info on the newly release 4e Class I recommend you scroll down a bit to the review heading, read on at your own risk.

Well, today the Psion was released on Dungeons & Dragons insider, a preview of the class appearing in Player’s Handbook 3. and with it rampant hatred that follows anything in D&D with the word “psion” or “psionic”. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought of the power of the mind as a very interesting thing, and one that unlike many people, actually seems fitting in a fantasy setting, just like magic. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Anime/Manga waiting to be used as roleplaying game settings

Posted by paradisio on July 1, 2009

I’m a big fan of crossovers, using pre-existing settings, etc. I think a few different anime worlds provide some great options for settings in your games. You can be obvious or vague. I realize some people will have an immediate aversion to some of these settings (mostly due to horrible, horrible censored dubs), but some of them may scratch a certain spot and provide some very interesting options. Most of these are based off of shounen anime/manga that I believe will make the easiest transition, so you have been warned!

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D&D 3.5 vs 4.0 – Character Creation Challenge MAXIMUM!1!!

Posted by paradisio on June 25, 2009

Well first of all, if you’re a regular follower, you’re probably going… “Wut? You already did Dungeons and Dragons 4e!” Yes well, first, I have yet to do D&D 3.5 (or Chainmail, or 1…2…or 3, more on those later!) And I had an interesting idea, what if I put these two games side by side and did character creation? More precisely, what if I did it a maximum level to see how they compare? And that’s what I’m doing. As you may or may not know, 3.5 normally goes up to 20, but effectively has no maximum level with the epic level rules, but they are a total mess in my experience so I’m just going to do it to 20, while likewise doing 4e the same.

What class? Well, good question, but I wanted something, well, perhaps not so easy in either. So I pick the class in both which probably has the most options: Wizard. As per my normal CCC rules, I’m sticking to the core books, and not Wizard’s definition of “core”, that means players handbook (1) only and/or Dungeon Master’s Guide. Adding additional source books will just make this take longer and add to the complexity needlessly for a comparison. But unlike my usual CCC entries, I won’t actually post step by steps, I’ll do that some other time.

This isn’t “4e is better” or “4e is teh sux”, I actually like both editions, but 3.5 just has worn on me and I find it needlessly complex for my gaming needs. But I know some people like that, I think this will show in character creation. My estimates is that 4e will be significantly faster but have fewer options. I am including a time as well for how long it took me (includes writing the relevant section in this article), and as a disclaimer my experience in 3.5 far outweighs my 4e experience. Take this with a grain of salt, no need to get all worked up over my article or a fun game!

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Scion – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 18, 2009

As per previously requested, today on the Character Creation chopping block is Scion. Scion’s first book, Hero, came out in 2007, and thus far has seen a grand total of five books released; unfortunately, I would be surprised to see another release at this point, so the game is pretty much at end of life. I really like the theme, it’s basically a modernization of classical storytelling, you take the roll of a Scion, or literally a child of a god and embark on epic quests, eventually becoming a god yourself. The game is divided up among the three primary books: hero, Demigod and God; each with an emphasis on that level of play.

Like most White Wolf game lines, it has great background stuff, but in my opinion suffers from poor mechanical execution, but nothing a few minor house rules can’t solve. After all, no one is perfect. In general, I would consider Scion to be Exalted lite as far as System goes, suffering some of the pitfalls of it’s fore barer but not all of them.

To start with, the character I will be making will be at the base level as usual; while I can’t throw battleships or anything, everyone has to start somewhere! Also per the norm, I’ll be sticking with the base book only to simplify things to the base level.

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Decipher Star Trek – Character Creation Challenge

Posted by paradisio on June 17, 2009

Inspired by the recent Star Trek movie and a renewed interest in the franchise, I became interested in finding a system to run a Star Trek game. Unfortunately, just like the series, there is no current RPG. On the upside, you can pick up the defunct Decipher version very cheap at WholeSaleGaming, $35 for the full lot, a great deal, which is what I’ll be using today. It’s a great movie based system, far from perfect, and in need of a bit of errata, but it’s great for a Star Trek game that isn’t overly complex.

The original books character creation is a bit… undeveloped, so I’ll be using the steps I found on a great fansite.

The character I’ll be making will be the short lived character Tasha Yar from the Next Generation, a security officer from a failed colony the regressed into depravity, although I doubt I’ll be able to match her 100% at character creation.

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Homebrew Setting Part 1: The Wall and Racial Information

Posted by paradisio on May 14, 2009

Today I’m going to go over the first part of my homebrew setting, The Wall. A range of mountains where my group will be starting their adventures, it separates the civilization to the North from the horrors that lie on the southern peninsula. As well, I also include information about the prominent races in the region.

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Player’s Handbook 2 NPC Class Templates + Monk

Posted by paradisio on May 13, 2009

I just raged. I finally noticed that the Player’s Handbook 2 contains no templates for the new classes, something that I think makes 4e great for DMs. But my rage has been channeled for your benefit. Here are class templates for Avenger, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Invoker, Shaman, Sorcerer, Warden… and just to catch up, Monk, from the new playtest article. As per my usual, these are designed for standard NPCs, not monsters, but should function with them as well with very few changes (convert to elite, saving throw bonuses, etc.) I have no idea, when, if ever Wizards plans on making these themselves, from my projections they won’t be in a Monster Manual or released in a PHB, so I can only assume they will either be released online or in some sort of DMG2.

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